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The sleepy fishing village of Sanur was developed as Balis first resort to accommodate the needs to international travelers. Because of Sanurs strong seasonal winds, kite flying is a popular hobby.The Annual International Kite Festival is celebrated every July and features traditional Balinese giant kites up to 10 m long which are made and flown competitively by teams from different villages.

Sanur a fost prima staiune turistic din Bali. Din cauza vnturilor foarte puternice vara, zmeele au devenit o distracie favorit. n fiecare an are loc aici n luna iulie Festivalul international al zmeelor


Sanur is Bali's oldest resort with development starting here in the 70s. Situated on the east coast of Bali's southern tip it is easily accessible from Denpassar International airport. Sanur beach is known also as Pantai Matahari Terbit or Sunrise Beach, because in the morning we can see a really beautiful unobstructed sunrise

Supranumit Plaja rsritului de soare Sanur a fost prima staiune turistic din Bali. ntr-adevr rsritul soarelui este spectaculos n aceast zon.



Sanur is also the place where the few remaining of Brahman Kuasa villages found. Some of the charming ritual procession such as Balis only all-female keris dance is held in this area.

Sanur a fost zona de reedin a castei superioare a preoilor brahmani hindui i dei era doar un sat de pescari, atmosfera rafinat dat de cldirile cu o arhitectur remarcabil, nconjurate cu ziduri din piatr de recif coralier i frumuseea exotic a specimenelor botanice l fceau inegalabil.




Balinese People Struggle Monument (Bajra Sandi) The monument is located at Niti Mandala (civic centre of Bali Province). It takes about 7 minutes from Sanur, 10 minutes from downtown Denpasar and 30 minutes from the airportShape and Structure of the monument. The width of its building is 4,900 square meters, while the whole square is 138,830 square meters. If we witness from a distance, the shape of the Monument looks like a Bajra (a Hindu priests bell) which is standing up at the Puputan Margarana square. Its entire wall is made of reinforced concrete and plated with volcanic stone that at a glance the monument looks like a Thai Temple.

The monument was designed by Mr. Ida Bagus Gede Yadnya, a young man who was that time still a student of the Architectural Department, faculty of Technology, in Udayana University, Denpasar. His designed was elected as the winner of the design competition for the monument in 1981.

Monumentul Bajra Sandhi, construit in anul 1987 cu scopul de a imortaliza sufletul si spiritul locuitorilor din Bali.Desenat de Ida Bagus Gede Yadnya, pe atunci student la facultatea din Denpasar, ctigtorul concursului pentru proiectul monumentului luptei poporului balinez

Various Balinese topengs (dance masks).

the mask dance predates Hindu-Buddhist influences. It is believed that the use of masks is related to the cult of the ancestors, which considered dancers the interpreters of the gods

In general dansul indonezian are un tempo lent, cu micri controlate i rezervate. Tlpile sunt lipite de pmnt (spre deosebire de baletul european unde se danseaz pe vrfuri), iar micarea braelor i a minilor este foarte important; aceste micri au fost mprumutate din dansurile hinduse.

Wayang topeng sau dansul mascat este de obicei dansat de ctre un singur solist interpretnd fragmente din poemele hinduse, Ramayana i Mahabharata, i povestiri din folclor.

beautiful collection of hundreds of traditional masks of all over Indonesian Archipelago, at the private museum "D'Topeng

collection of"loro blonyo" (a pair of Gedono and Gedini statue) from different places in Indonesia, and also samples of box arts, bed arts.. (collection of D'Topeng Museum)

private museum D'Topeng in Sanur, has a magnificent collection of a cute Bali keris holder

keris holder from the collection of Tropen Museum, Amsterdam

No3 keris holder from the collection of Tropen Museum, Amsterdam.19

Bali keris holder at Museum Gajah, Jakarta (the National Museum of Jakarta) sec XV

(collection of D'Topeng Museum)

Coral stone

many resorts display rows of tall Balinese banners bending in the breeze. They are essentially long bamboo poles covered in brightly colored fabric.

Prahu, local outrigger boats, Sanur Beach, Bali,

Art museum Le MayeurArt museum Le MayeurSpa

Alits Beach Bungalows Pool

Sanurs coral reef, situated about 200 M offshore, catches the ocean waves, leaving the area inside the reef calm and shallow. Even so, there can be a somewhat strong current moving parallel to shore in one direction or the other. To break up this current, a series of stone jetties has been built out from the beach. Built of beige stone and topped by beautiful wood pavilions sporting red clay tiled roofs, these breakwaters actually look fantastic and add an exotic touch to Sanurs coast.

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