10 Tools that Every Content Marketer Should Use

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  • 10 Tools That Every Content Marketer Should UseSara JInternet Marketing & Local SEOPattronize InfoTech

  • 10 Tools That Every Content Marketer Should UseContent Marketing has become more versatile & competitive, where marketers & organizations rushing to it.Only when we are unique, it is been noticed. The real change is to attract using writing skills, including text, headings, content & ideas.These can be optimized using the Content Marketing tools.Lets see the 10 powerful tools for content marketing, that can optimize your content & improve your productivity.

  • Starting With an Idea

  • Starting With an IdeaContent Ideator or Portent are the common tools, but if you want something exciting go for Answer the Public tool.Do something more, you will get a number of questions related to the keywords that are trending on internet.The result will be shown on visual wheel divided by questionsWhat?, why?, how?, & when?.Answer the questions, to get an idea for your topic.

  • Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer

  • Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer8 out of 10 viewers read heading, the remaining 2 out of read the whole content.Crispy & Engaging headline should be created.Co-Schedule is a brilliant tool, analyze headlines & ratings of your headlines of the article.This tools differentiates with common words, unique words, emotions & powerful words from title.

  • EMV Headline Analyzer

  • EMV Headline AnalyzerEMV (Emotional Marketing Value) is the best tool for analyzing headlines.This tool mainly denotes emotional word in your title.Using emotional words in your articles will increase visitors and readers to the page.Rating for the headlines is done in %, EMV with more than 50% is favorable to use as title.

  • Content Ideator

  • Content IdeatorIts a best Headline generator tool, which uses your keyword to generate huge relevant results.Precautions should be taken by not repeating same titles, as it might be duplicated by others.Compared to other tools, they go little offbeat from the main Keyword.

  • Grammarly

  • GrammarlyIts a perfect tool for Content Marketers.Used to auto - correct Grammatical errors.It autocorrects the structural & operational error at a time.It provides plagiarism checking options & can figure out if any passive voice.

  • Google Docs Research tools

  • This tool helps in researching topics in Google server.Go to research tool, move to Tools section then Research.Search a phrase in search box, you will be provided with lots of useful content related to your query.Its is the best tool, to find a reference to your topic.At the end this saves lot of your time.

    Google Docs Research tools

  • Hemingway Editor

  • Hemingway is known for - Simple & Straight writings.This tool helps the content in most readable form to the readers.Just copy paste the content on to the tool, to rectify the errors & correct it accordingly.

    Hemingway Editor

  • Smart Paper Help

  • Its an amazing tool for Content writers, Proofreaders, & editors.Its a best tool, for writers who are in lack of time.Content Marketers use this tool to extract content.Proofreading the content becomes easy with the help of this tool.

    Smart Paper Help

  • Canva

  • Canva is superb tool for creating Visuals & image editing.Visuals are important along with the content for a blog.Visuals like images, banners, infographics & animations make our content engaging & attractive.Using Canva, you can edit images, memes, slides, animations & social media posts.Tool is available with free versions & premium options with more features.


  • Pocket

  • Pocket works as a wallet of links.We can save references of links, & posts them in one place.The feature of this tool, brings similar topics itself once it verifies what topics we are looking for.


  • All these 10 tools are perfect in the field they perform.If you are starter, these tools should be your first choice.All these tools will helps to reduce man hoursEliminates amount of hours spend on content writing, proof reading, checking grammar, analyzing content heading, creating banner images and many.