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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>First Draft Audience FeedbackXian: The black and white effect really makes him look more serious, because the first image I saw of him looks as if he was tempted to laugh. So far so good, I can tell there has been a texture added to the image which gives it a rough look which I like, the only thing I would say is that the picture itself has not ben edited very well as I can see the big spot on his forehead.Nathaniel: This looks like an average album cover, it doesnt do much for me at the precise moment in time, I'm probably the worse person to ask but I think that there needs to be something on the page to make it more exciting and that draws the girls in more.Gwendoline: He looks very attractive in this image and I think that the black and white effect does him justice. If you were to ask me what genre this is I wouldnt say R&amp;B but I wouldnt know what to call it maybe contemporary R&amp;B but if thats the look you are going for then you have it spot on.Yasmin: I like the way it looks at the moment I think that its best if you try to complete the front cover and then ask us whether we like it because then we know if it looks good or not if you get what I mean?Daniel: I like the close up, I think it is very iconic of R&amp;B music covers.Theo: I think it looks like an album cover so far I just think that you need to add everything else to the page so that we know what needs to be changed etc.Ronnel: I dont like the black and white I think you should change it, it looks to depressing.Samantha: darken or brighten the picture and see what it looks like but so far it looks really good.Joe: I have a feeling I know the look you are going for but it will be quite difficult to pull off but well done.William: I think if you finish this it will look amazing, keep going and follow the advice of the other I guess, but it does look really good.Shanice: I really like it , it reminds me of a Mary j bilge album Ive seen before.James: His head looks huge, LOL but I like it, add the rest like the others said and see what it looks like .Kieran: Looks like john legend type of album, so at least you are fitting into the genre.Aaron: I think this looks really good, I think that the texture should only be on the background of you can do that because it would look better, as if the wall is textured.</p>