How to find Content Ideas for your website?

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<ul><li><p>How </p><p>To Find </p><p>Content </p><p>Ideas </p><p>For your </p><p>Website</p><p>By: Priyam Srivastava</p><p></p></li><li><p>USE GOOGLE TO RULE GOOGLE</p><p> Free tools by Google can be utilized to get the best content ideas for your blog or website</p><p> E.g. Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner</p><p> Set up Google Alerts for your priority keywords to find out what is being said about your key term across the web</p><p> Auto Complete, Related Searches &amp; People Also Ask Box on Google SERP are also useful</p></li><li><p>DO A DETAILED SELF CHECK</p><p> Setup internal site search data to identify the queries searched by users on your website. (Learn more about internal site search here.)</p><p> Keep a track of users comments on your blog posts. This is a direct way to understand their pain points and accordingly come up with relevant content</p><p> Make sure your website has a good mix of textual and media content. You MUST include engaging images, infographics, videos, slideshows etc. as they play a big role in enhancing your web presence (organic, paid and social)</p><p></p></li><li><p>STUDY YOUR COMPETITION</p><p> Analyze your competitors which outperform you on Search Engines to identify their content strategy</p><p> Look at what they are trying to promote aggressively (promoted/featured blog posts, trending topics etc.)</p><p> Utilize the following free/paid competitor analysis tools </p><p> SEMrush ( Social Mention ( SimilarWeb ( QuickSprout ( SpyFu (</p><p></p></li><li><p> Be aware of all the latest happenings of your industry by following the experts</p><p> This can be done via social media channels Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare) or by subscribing to relevant Newsletters or Articles</p><p> Capitalize on any big or small industry news/update by posting your view on that or simply reiterate it on your site to reflect your awareness</p><p>FOLLOW THE EXPERTS</p></li><li><p>So ARE YOU </p><p>READY TO </p><p>CONQUER</p><p>THE WEB?</p><p></p></li><li><p>About Us</p><p>Websults is a web design and digital marketing agency that offers organizations insights into best practices for leveraging the Internet across all areas of business.</p><p>Website: www.websults.comEmail:</p><p>Nashville: (615) 469-1351 Tampa: (727) 597-7300</p><p></p><p>callto://+6154691351/callto://+7275977300/</p></li></ul>