Cat Myths Debunked

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1. Myth #1 Cats dont need to go to the veterinarian as often as dogs do. 2. 82 million pet cats 72 million pet dogs 36% of cats go without veterinary care 3. Cats are masters of disguise Hands off personality Aloof Independent Self-sufficient Silent diseases 4. Silent Feline Illnesses High blood pressure Kidney disease Heart disease Dental disease Osteoarthritis Overactive thyroid Obesity 5. Signs of Feline Illness Nearly all feline illnesses look the same Hiding Weight loss Except obese cats Poor appetite Except cats with over- active thyroid 6. Without an annual veterinary examination, significant illness will go undiagnosed in your cat. 7. Myth #1 Cats dont need to go to the veterinarian as often as dogs do. 8. Myth #2 All cats like fish 9. Kittens taste preference are influenced by their mothers. 10. Cat taste preferences Cats prefer the taste of meat. Cats taste buds are insensitive to salt and sugar. Cats like food served at about the same temperature as a recently killed mouse. 11. Myth #2 All cats like fish 12. Myth #3 Cats love milk. 13. Cats lack lactase Tummy upset from milk products Lactose free products Beware of calories No more than 30 calories = 1/3 cup low fat milk 14. Myth #3 Cats love milk. 15. Myth #4 Black cats are bad luck. 16. Why are black cats bad luck? Medieval folk believed witches could turn into black cats. Charles I of England was arrested the day after his beloved black cat died. 17. Myth #4 Black cats are not bad luck. Adopt one today! 18. The Animal Medical Center recommends your cat see the veterinarian at least once per year Cats should be fed a complete and balanced diet Some cats like a fish diet Milk may upset some cats stomachs A lucky black cat is one you adopt