Digital agency myths debunked

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Launch a profitable digital agency in just 6 weeks with Guarantee Digital's Agency Partnership program.


  • 1. Grow Your Business!Digital Agency Myths Debunked! (kinda like Bigfoot, you cant believe everything you hear!)

2. Myth # 1: Your Digital Agency wont be profitable for 18-24 months Truth: Our agency partners are profitable in the first month! Merchant Launch Seminar gets room full of hot prospects Week of sales calls helps close enough biz to make you profitable in your first month Dedicated Sales Coach helps with proposals and virtual sales calls ongoing after launch- Fredericksburg VA 135 attended!St. Joe MO = 80 showed up!Columbus OH = 100+ 3. Myth # 2: Plan to Spend 6 months to a Year launching your agency Truth: We can launch your agency in 6 weeks! Our turn key program provides everything you needjust add sales muscle. Program includes: Full Digital Agency Product Suite Product/Sales Training 100% fulfillment/customer service after the sale Dedicated Sales Coach Agency Launch Seminar All Collateral Materials, including new agency websiteAgency website created for our partner Pioneer News Group 4. Myth # 3: You need to double your staff to do this right. Truth: Many of our partners are successful adding just one dedicated Digital Agency specialist. No need to add web designers, social media experts and extra headcount Dedicated rep + traditional team = low hanging fruit, quick wins!Start with one Dedicated Digital Agency Specialist 5. Myth # 4: Agency profit margins are low Truth: Our partners are seeing 50% margins after paying us and their sales reps! Our wholesale/retail price structure allows you to charge what is appropriate for your market Start up costs are minimal; no need to add lots of headcount or web development costs. Our low 1x consulting fee is typically recovered with first few sales. 6. About Guarantee Digital Our Mission: Help Local Merchants and Media Partners Leverage Digital Solutions to Grow their Business. Founded in 2011 by Daryl Hively, Media Veteran of 28 years (17 Local Digital) Operate our own Agency with direct clients in Suburbs of Milwaukee Work with 16 Media Partners in over 30 Markets of all sizes across the US helping them launch their own private label agency. 7. Media Partners Media Company American Community MediaMarket MultipleNewspaper MultipleDigital Agency American Community DigitalBerkshire Hathaway Block Brehmn Gold Country Pubs Dispatch Printing Company Dix Communications Free Lance Star Company Jones Media Journal Inc News Press & Gazette Co Paddock Publications Pioneer Newspapers Schurz Communications Small Newspaper Group The Truth Woodward CommunicationsBuffalo Pittsburgh, Toledo Multiple Columbus Multiple Fredericksburg VABuffalo News Post Gazette, Toledo Blade Multiple Columbus Dispatch Multiple Freelance StarMultipleMultipleTupelo MS St. Joseph MO ChicagoDaily Journal News Press Daily HeraldCanalside Media 34 Allies, Reach Toledo BCI Interactive Dispatch Digital Dix Digital FLS Digital High Road Digital Thrive News Press Digital Daily Herald Media SolutionsMultiple Petoskey MI MultipleMultiple Petoskey News Review MultipleElkhart IN Dubuque IO Augusta PhiladelphiaThe Truth Telegraph HeraldPioneer Connext Simple Digital Media Digital Impact Guides Strawberry Fields Digital Woodward Digital CWR Digital Burgundy Digital 8. New Digital Agency Brands Come in all Shapes & Sizes! 9. For more information about Bigfoot and Digital Ad Agencies, visit our site at