Thirty one ways to have fun at work

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Thirty one ways to have fun at work


  • 2. HAVE FUN AT WORK Minigolf in the office. Have joy breaks. Stock the staff room with fun toys (Silly Putty, building blocks, Frisbees, Slinky). Create a humorous company salute. Print fun greeting cards for employees to give to customers.
  • 3. Charge late employees a small fine like $5, which goes to fun activities. Plan office parties. Wear fun clothes. Have Fun Awards. Pass out homemade cookies or chocolate. Give Christmas gifts to employees.
  • 4. Celebrate the seasons (Valentine cards, Hanukkah gifts, Christmas carols, April Fools jokes, St. Patricks Days Easter egg hunt). Have a theme day. Encourage staff to dress up. Have a massage therapist provide shoulder massages for people at their workstations. Wash all employees cars in the parking lot. Create and distribute fun stories from within the organization.
  • 5. Play charades. Name rooms in your department after staff members. Have employees bring photos of their children to work. Display photos of staff events. Hang unique artwork. Have an employee fun day.
  • 6. Bring creative events to the business (e.g. A scavenger hunt). Play office Jeopardy or Bingo. Invent contests. Bring Nerf balls, foam darts, a basketball hoop. Supply a plastic bowling set.
  • 7. Have employees create a list of fun things to do. Offer relay races. Stage marshmallow fights. Have a fun pass: This person is eligible to have fun by_________________(fill in activity). Make Stop Being So Serious awards.
  • 8. THANK YOU This is a small part of the book All work and no say by Jody Urquhart. You can go through the whole book by visiting: All work and no say by Jody Urquhart