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Crafting an authentic brand story: strong brands are built on strong messages that tell a great story.

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  • 1. A.Deep Drive intro

2. We're so glad to be here. 3. Nicole Farrell 4. ABOUTOLOGE 5. THE STUDY OF THTNGS. And since we study and shape our clients brand experience,it makes perfect sense. 6. SO WHAT DOES OLOGE DO? Ologie is abranding agency. We help clients discover theirauthentic story and find theirtrue voice. 7. ABOUT OLOGIEWe aim to make every So over time it brand we touch more:becomes more:Everyone who touches yourIn the end,it's all about brand needs to get it. telling a good story. r T' I'.1 :"_1 iThis is the ip side of clarity. You have to stand apart.Simple?Yes.Boring?No. You have to be different.Strong brands find waysFor your brand to be strong, to evolve and to surprise. it must have a following. 8. AGENCY OVERVIEW - An awardwinning branding,marketing,and digital agency - Founded in 1987 - 65+ associates- Headquarters in Columbus,Ohio 9. Our work centers on ve areas that greatly affect quality of life and economic impact: mAuHlI / l l lX i ' l i l l , l l,i / V/ Kl / / Tr x i TT7 ' / T /ll/ I ",//X/ / ..y I,..l/ / x /V ' l l_/ V K I l V J 10. southwest" = -=_= = vomtro NORDSTROMWHE-E amazon. com 11. Exercise:Brand ShareWe asked for you to bring along an artifact that symbolizes abrand you are loyal to.If you forgot,it's okay we wont get around to everyone. 12. Exercise:Brand ShareNow,take 30 seconds to gather your thoughts about why youare loyal to that brand.I/ Vhat does it give you?I/ Vhat do you get from it? 13. Exercise:Brand ShareLets hear from a few of you.Tell us what you brought andwhy you feel such loyalty. 14. Exercise:Brand ShareThings brands give:Things you get: Performance More timeReliability Money savingsConsistency Desirable outcomes Information Great experienceEntertainment Confidence 15. BllTlllM LINEStrong brands are built on strong messaging that tells a great story. 16. Tlllll THREETelling a Great brand good story experiences 17. So,what isll BRAND? 18. A BRAND IS: More than a logo More than a taglineMore than an ad campaign 19. It's the' T l ' "' T V ' ' ' - y,l V.I , , _ , ". ...~ . V', ,.l I ,- K ' , ,' _ 1,J .:5 _..' " __i 'i -2 ,T,. Ii - .~ .. l r ~ .~ .l .41) . _.4 -.A .7. .,. ,., .J - J _A J . . . ,_ . -.|v_. ) . _ . . _;.. _u _l ' . . _awe create for our customers (and everyone we work with). 20. logoFMJor. r,'0packagingwebsite BEWARE(H A CIIIIAPHI AL:tn COFFEE.irconrswrmPRICE. advertisements ,associates 21. 3"! / V1H 7i - g 1;". ,l -If1 r .1 ,1: . /l x '7 /1 ill 3-A / i/ l.. f.~L . ... ... ... -.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 22. re the promise we make to our customers it the essenee of a companyis the experience we createa the personality a company conveysa the message we deliver. tts ail of these tliings. 23. THREECreate brand expereinces 24. DDDD STDRIESmake anEMDTIDNAI."' lNTE| .LEBTllALconnection. 25. DDDD STDRIEShelp us buildMEAiH. lHliFlll RE| .ATl. DHS. H.IPr8.? . 26. nrsriinnirsare the mostAIITHENTIII. 27. There are manyyou can tell. 28. stories aboutPRDDIIBT 29. others clogours doesntOlhm vacuum:begin la clog mud lose xuclion ns you me them A Dyson nous!docsNo clogging.No loss of suction. dyson row- 30. stories aboutI l Al I _ pl5 , _ I- l . . -.2 .H~. T ,1-A-Tl Iiv:en,TT i,l I,V l 31. Do this.Do that.Don't do this.Don't do that.Blah,blah,blah. Then I:1::ma.Ilq.elbownxxn.Hum to:ma pruning behind cm C 11937 : ;.nr.1lehuol your own H-D Inowtvycle.urdauinx vim mod. Io-rafthocun-tnodrvvnlngouiuuoplnionnalthoxvovid.. Avuv. hArky~du1doomoom. 32. stories about 33. .. v.. .. ... .v... . .9:o. u>Lv.. 2. .e.....nod.1.5-. .. . . . .1. -. ,., . J . . A- . - , .1-. ".Z--2, -.--.-TIIIIIIIVMIIVOIPIIDI 5!, IlllllllllllllnfbtctllltMllllIl. SlIl2NlVlIIlIlGIVll IlllltpI.. .. . .. ... .oo . . ..1. 3. ., . ... ,r. ... x.J2.SNOIIIIIIOQOO| lI'T| IlI'lLWIMlT1h(NlDlAIIIIIYMIKIFITD-l| (IYl0!SllllVl91IHIIIYIIIITVNIAIIIII. 34. stories aboutPEOPLE 35. SOU'l; HWEST. COM 36. stories aboutHERITAGE 37. IMPORTED FROM DETROIT 38. There are manytell your story. 39. book ads digital3 WWWconversation space video 40. TWIJTelling a good story 41. A greatBRAND EXPERIENBEcan do a lot for your organization. 42. TIIEIEKTE ALIGNMENT. 43. Tmlsullml nspumnou. 44. am STEWARDSHIP. 45. It helpsENGAGE WITH YGIJR AIJGIENGES. 46. It helpsBUILD GGNSISTENGY. 47. Here are how somehave crafted strong stories. 48. Croaoioo on grotot brood GQXJE3 omiooco ? ?(, ?O ozogh ozo. 49. DAVE THOMAS FOUNDATION FOR ADOPTIONAmerica's only nonprot dedicated to nding permanent homes for children in foster care. 50. THE (CHALLENGE: Setting the record straight on stereotypes many people have about children in foster care. 51. THE SGlllT| GH= Creating a message of hope, possibility,and a fresh start with simple,bold statements and powerful photography. 52. PURPOSETo be the voice for foster care adoption,so that every child gets adopted. PRIORITIESWe give a voice to foster care adoption to raise awareness and understanding.Specifically,we. ..raise money -{'3 I") provide service and supportESSENCEEvery child deserves a loving home with a forever family. 53. supporting ogencugs and I provldmq adoption I . H-brlllbng guidance for D'"S5KM' le: t-)C'>ll? (4Jl, "|Cf I-""'9 mm H put)iy", .li-'ri (.0 more children two is:1lx. _. v D0194! !! .3? 54. PIISITIGNING STATEMENT: The kids who linger in foster care waiting for forever homes are not there because they choose to be,or because they're bad,ortroubled,or unlovable.They're there because we allow them to be.In ways big and small,we must take on the job of uniting these children with safe,loving families.We must take on their struggle,and celebrate their triumph over it. 55. ; 56. Ffiiil'iE' * a a r 7' _ - ooooooo T ABEIITFIJSTEHUIIIEAIICPTIKIPI FREE R". -lPlTUllR[JURIS v. im'i(m VillU'iE: lE HEim.Il= iI. Iu FINDING 0 9 Q 57. DAVEITI-IC)I4A.3FCJUNDZ&TICJN. OPlGDAVE THOMAS ,/ I'()UNl)Al'l()N Rm / D()PTl()Niuuhu.lvtrvu hmdm Lu Liulum In lunrr Luv 58. ii"8QL? iZi7tg oi.giireiat brood by 59. YOUNG SURVIVAL COALITION. . Young women facing breast cancer together. National organization dedicated to critical issues unique to young women and breast cancer 60. THE GHAllENGE= Help YSC reach a new stage oforganizational development through brand identity,name recognition,and audience development. 61. THE SIllllTlllN$= Evolving YSCs brand to be better understood and recognized in the marketplace. 62. WHAT WE DELIVER THE TANGIBLE BENEFITYSC focuses on the unique So they can find meaning,issues of women who have been comfort,and hope during one ofdiagnosed with breast cancer the most challenging experiences before the age of 40 of their livesWHAT WE ASPIRE TOA powerful community fighting breast cancer in young womenWHAT WE STAND FOREiilkg No woman diagnosed under 40 left to fightbreast cancer alone 63. have aregain control swung miceIn real empoweredmake conlident decisionsml[what they get] BenefitsAttributes ' (what we offer]with resourcesprogrammingLODLS and KILS and eventsSo they. .. YSC. ..medical expertise educationmake personal,lasting connectionsbecome pan ol a sale and caring communitydecrease the sense of isolationin leel supported'| ll| T lH! _(1lllIQ uinlii ' aIllT'[IJtjiiimc mi:ml the TI-)~' "I. -)l'('. lIL]II q~