5 Ways to Integrate SlideShare Into Your Content Strategy

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<p>5 Ways to Integrate SLIDESHARE Into Your Content Strategy</p> <p> 5 Ways to Integrate SLIDESHARE</p> <p> Into Your Content Strategy </p> <p>What is SlideShare? Largest community for posting and sharing presentations. Users can post public or private presentations in the form of a PDF, PPT, Keynote, Google Slides, and more. Once uploaded, your presentation can be seen by a wider audience and is easily searchable by viewers. </p> <p>What Should You Post?</p> <p>1. INDUSTRY REPORTS Summarize key informationAdd visuals &amp; graphs SlideShare provides transcript of slides below presentation for quick review </p> <p>61% of global Internet users research products online.</p> <p>2. PRESENTATIONS Allows your presentations to be seen by a wider, relevant audienceEasily upload slides Add to relevant category (ex: business, marketing, finance) Share to social channels </p> <p>The Benefits of Inbound Marketing</p> <p>3. REPURPOSE CONTENT </p> <p>Blogs White Papers eBooks </p> <p>4. VISUAL CONTENT </p> <p>QuotesVideos Infographics </p> <p>5. WEBINARS </p> <p>Choose a trending topicAdd audio narrationEasily allows slides to be saved by participants Share easily on social channels </p> <p>Why Implement SlideShare? </p> <p>70 MillionProfessional UsersOne of the top100 Most viewed websites 5x more traffic from business owners than other social media </p> <p>Source: SlideShare</p> <p>Increase Visibility New posts go to the homepageAdd to category pageSeen by wider audienceOver 70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted search </p> <p>Integrates With Other Platforms HubSpotGoogle HangoutsOracle Marketo </p> <p>Gate Content Increases leadsCapture contact information for future content/nurturing </p> <p>Utilize Analytics MeasureImprove See who is viewing your presentation </p> <p>Shareable Posts easily to social media Can be embedded in other channels (blogs, website, etc.) </p> <p>Improves SEO Creditable website domainIncreases backlinks Improves referrals by adding links back to your site </p> <p>RECOMMENDATIONS</p> <p>Include links back to your website Optimize for SEO Make it eye catching Focus on the 1st slide Add a CTAPost relevant content ENGAGE</p> <p>If you liked our presentation, then follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog to stay up to date with the latest in inbound marketing. LETS CONNECT: </p> <p>Twitter Website BlogLinkedIn Instagram </p> <p>Slideshare</p>