Brand Activation Series: What is Brand Activation?

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What is Brand Activation? How can it help FMCG marketers boost campaign interaction & product purchase? 'Brand Activation' can make all the difference between a low-performing digital campaign, and a high-performing campaign with plenty of consumer interaction (email opens, registrations, 'Likes', competition entries...) and in-store product purchase. We explain what Brand Activation is, why it is so important and how to do it.


<ul><li>1.Put Simply, Brand Activation Is About:12</li></ul> <p>2. Getting Brand Activation Right Can BeThe Key Difference BetweenHigh-performing Campaigns 3. And Low-Performing Activity ThatLeaves You Questioning. 4. So Why Is Activation So Important?Activation is about creatingconsumer engagement alongthe path-to-purchase inorder to activate a saleThe Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 5. Remember The AIDA MarketingModel? 6. It Explains Activation Very Well 7. So Now Lets Consider Your FMCGMarketing Campaigns. 8. Your Agencies Develop Creative IdeasThat Succeed In 9. Building Brand Awareness 10. Generating Interest 11. And Generating Desire 12. But Do They Do Enough To 13. Convert Your Creative Work 14. Into Action? 15. A Simple Activation Button Can MakeA Big Difference 16. Creating A Powerful Call To Action 17. Such As Engage &amp; Interact 18. But Most Importantly 19. Actions That Drive Sales. 20. So How Can I Activate My FMCGCampaign? 21. Coupons Make Great ActivationButtons! 22. Just Add An Activation Button With ACoupon Behind It 23. And It Creates Increased Engagement 24. And Increased Sales. 25. Digital Printable Coupons 26. Digital Printable Coupons 27. Discover How Coupons Can HelpActivate Your Digital </p>