Fifteen Ways to Get Free Publicity for Your Small Business

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free Publicity</p> <p>Heather WarthenChief Events Officer22nd Century Media</p> <p>Garry PolodnaPrincipalSOAR Creative Group</p> <p>Make Your BusinessTodays Top Story</p> <p>If you want people to buy from you, you have to make them trust you first. </p> <p>And one of the quickest ways to build trust and credibility is to have great media coverage about your company. </p> <p>Free publicity is a great way to increase the profile of your small business. </p> <p>Here are a few that might encourage your local journalists to cover your business:</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityIntroduce something new or improved. Make it clear why its better and focus on key benefits or problems it solves.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityBe the first, newest, oldest, biggest.Make a fact about your business appealing.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityStart Socializing.Media outlets use Twitter and Facebook to find great sources for the stories theyre working on. Is there a magazine or TV news show youd like to be featured in? Chances are, theyre on Twitter and Facebook, and once you follow them, youll see awesome shout-outs for sources like you.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityMark an anniversary. Being in business for several years can be enough to secure media coverage, especially if you are organizing celebratory events.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityAnnounce a new member of the team. Identify and publicize what made them the right person for the job.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityWin an award. Its why many businesses enter them in the first place. Find out what trade, local, regional or national awards your business can enter and get your entry forms in. </p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityWrite a press release. Despite what some PR people say, the press release isn't dead. Writing and distributing a press release can announce news, launch products, tweak your SEO, and help you reach the media. </p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityAttract a new client the bigger the better. Tastefully brag about it. Get a quote from them on how they look forward to the new partnership. News of big contracts can help to attract others.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicitySurvey your customers. Find out what they think about specific issues. Ask enough people about an interesting enough topic and the media wont be able to resist. Polls are always popular with journalists and their readers.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityReact to a current event. Give your opinion on something happening in the news nationally or locally thats relevant to you and your business. Spotting a trend and commenting on it is highly recommended.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityHelp a charity. Use your staff and resources to do something that will aid a worthy cause. Just dont present a BIG check- its hokey and predictable.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityStage an event. A fresh, fun, exciting and highly visual (as well as legal and ethical), idea can generate coverage AND an audience.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityDo something differently. Journalists love to write about pioneers. Break the mold and lead the way, but make sure you provide customers with additional value and benefits they cannot access elsewhere.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityHelp a Reporter Out, literally. Its like for reporters and sources. HARO provides publicity-hungry sources with hundreds of media opportunities each day. All you need to do is sign up, get your HAROs, and start pitching.</p> <p>15 Ways to Get Free PublicityProduct placement. Have you ever seen your favorite products being used in movies or TV shows? Thats called product placement and you can get your product placed, too. </p> <p>Much like HARO, TV and movie producers look for certain products clothes, accessories, green items, food, bags, shoes, whatever, for their next story or project. All you need to do is pitch your product and cross your fingers.</p> <p>Publicity is a powerful way to boost your business. </p> <p>And you dont have to be the family of a infamous trail attorney to get it.</p> <p>Thanks!</p> <p></p> <p></p>