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Text of IM&M DM_May 25th_AIESEC LC ANFA

  • 1. Market Analysis IDEA Marketing Strategy & Plan Market Segmentation PromotionRaising Promotion Matching Realization

2. Market Analysis IDEA Marketing Strategy & Plan Market Segmentation Promotion (OGX&TM) Raising Promotion (ICX) Matching Realization 3. Vice President Marketing Team Communications Team Quality and Expertise Team Education Manager Journey In Casablanca Team 4. Quick Reminder Product: Programmes: 5. Marketing Process ? Market analysis Marketing planning & strategy Tools creation Promotion 6. 1- Market analysis Students Needs Global & Local Trends SWOT Analysis of AIESEC Programmes 7. 2- Marketing Planning & Strategy 8. GTCM ? Smart Goals ! Target Audience Channel Message 9. 3- Promotion Tools Creation 10. ANFALogo : Short Logo: Long Logo: #003399 11. 80% 20% DONTs: 12. Lets see if you got it.. 13. Release the teacher in you.. ..Train with the British Center! Check out: TN-In-MA-AN-2013-1639 Perfect French required 14. 4- Promotion Collaboration with the Communication team 15. SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNAL COMM 16. SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK PAGE LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL + PINTEREST *Click on the botton to direct you. 17. INTERNAL COMM How? > Coaching: communication channels management > Communication policies -here- > Communication sharing (newsletter, web magazine..)