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Newsletter January Anfa



  • a Ps Word:During our lives, we go through a lot of different emotions, ups and downs, sadness, excitement, love, madness .. But whatever happens, we're always seeking happiness ! Sometimes, we just think that happiness is something you get by others judgement on you: Oh, she's pretty. Oh, look at his clothes. Oh, she has a good salary. Oh, her BF/GF loves her/him .. but happiness is not something you find thanks to the others, but something YOU CHOOSE to live and have as a life statement ! The shortcut to anything you want in your life is to BE and FEEL happy now, and then good things will come to you to make you even more happy :) !Believe in the power of your smile and all good and amazing things it can attract to you ! Open your heart to the world, and always remember : Happiness is not something you find at the end of the road, but a state of mind you live with, and no matter where you are, what matters is with whom you are !With LOVE, Positive energy and a WIDE SMILE :D ! Basma Aziz, VP ICX Anfa

  • Updates !!

  • ER/PboxBeginning of the sessions on the 19th 1 LC partner "Sherbrooke Academy" (Fatine Kilito) 1 company as project partner "Assurances Hefiri

    Zineb" (Samah Alami) EIS (projet Elve Innovateur Social) project partner 1 Media partner "HNR event" (Besma Kherbach)

    Media: Feed-backs from 16 media companies:Agreementsset up:

    3 newspapers: Lconomiste (for an article), Assabah (for their event agenda) and le Matin (an article wrote)

    3 radio stations: Hit Radio (15/01/2012 Abdelaziz Tazi), Luxe Radio (25/01/2012 Niema and Besma's Help) and ChadaFM (06/02/2012 Wiam Benichou)

    And 1 event website: HNRevent (since 14/01/2012)

    Got the agreement from Aujourdhui Le Maroc to guarantee Promotion for both the opening and the closing ceremony along with the project.Schools partners:- 7 schools in process- 2 higher studies schools guaranteed- 4higher studies' schools in process- 3 orphanages guaranteedAnd:- Elve Innnovateur social (for 2h eachSunday) 120 student. ICX4 EPs arrived to Morocco safe and alive :D :D !!

    Shruti, Indian living in Finland - Prestigia Joanna from Poland - KEY Lisa from Germany - KEY Anton from Russia - KEY Lenka from Czech Republic, Hiroshi from Japan

    will arrive in the upcoming days.Raising is promising : Members contacted a lot of companies mainly in GIP, got feedbacks from HPS, Meditel and Berlitz.

    NEW PARTNER: Harley Davidson !!!

  • OGX33 EPs Available on the system

    Matching Mania: 19th February, the Event Will Be Announced on FacebookPartnerships and Cooperation

    OGXers are signing partnerships with different LCs around the world for the Summer Realizations

    Official cooperations with Delhi IT, Donetsk.

    Simple Reminder that OGX this year is planning to make 100 Exchanges and so far has 26 Exchanges from the

    last 2 quarters.


    TMTMers have started collecting Expectations and Quarter Goals to set up the quarterly tracking system.

    Events on preparation( Coaching, Bonding, ... ) Reward and Recognition Is Ooooon With the MENA Competition in OGX, ICX and ER. And More Surprises for the LC meeting !! :D

    A new Member Joined our Ranks !! Sara Serrhini


    Total incomes 12300 3900 35600 10680LC eXchange

    Incomes84008400 2492024920LC eXchange

    Incomes 33320333203332033320

  • ICX : See Enclosed pdf Doc.

    ER: Getting a partner or more with the average of 15000 dhs per ER Manager. ( 15000 Dhs being the Amount brought can be from the same partner or different ones) => 100% of MENA Fees Covered

    OGXThe competition started the 21th of January and will end 1st MarchTerms : Raising and matching of 10 EPs by 1st MarchThe winner will have 100% MENA fees covered

    MENA Competition

  • Special Image Of the Month

  • Once an Anfaist , Always an Anfaist

  • "Well Well, How could I wait that much to live this experience !!First of All, My Xp in LC Anfa was a Life changing one! It taught me how to be responsible, Manage a team, Overcome all chalenges and persevere till I reach my Goals.Then comes the craziest thing I've ever done in my life... Going to India for 1 YEAR !!

    I've been in India for about 6 months now and all I can say is that I LOVE IT !!! This is definitely INCREDIBLE India !!

    Always Absorbing, Often Confounding, Never Boring,

    India !Of course there were some difficulties, to get used to the WEATHER first, then to the crazy traffic, the difference of the culture and the people...But I can say that I prepared myself and kept my expectations very Low not to be disappointed !!!

  • The thing about India is that you should get to know it slowly as they say here "Haule Haule"!

    And this Living diversity Experience has taught me a lot !

    And AIESEC Morocco Rocks (I'm being VERY Objective)

    Just Remember... Once an ANFAist...Always an ANFAist !!! "

    S!kaina Ibnlfassi ( OC VP Learning Cultural Fair)

  • MAXIMISE YOURCHANCES OF SUCCESS: Here are 10 things that will help you to succeed your studies : 1- To learn you must understand 2irst.2- To set your galls before starting any things.

    3- To make synthetics forms of your courses is the key of good revisions.

    4- To organize your books in an effective way that helps you to revise frequently and easily, when youre at home.

    5-To Make links between things you want to remember with thing that's already in your memory, like linking historical dates that you want to remember with dates of births that you

    already know therefore you can link between them and never forget it.

    6-To be present, in the seminar sessions, come to things that are not really mandatory, but that might be interesting. ..

    7- To make all your exercise and to give it on time and also try to do your best to be more organize.

    8-To be sure that your essay will be on the table wizard on the appointed day.

    9-To invent ways funny and personalized, to better memorize your lessons, for example most of student have the ability of memorising songs faster than other things, therefore you can convert your lessons to songs

    10-To use 2luorescent which will help you to better memorise key words.

    Just a little trick

  • March 21-April 20: Again, you will not be at all in direct contact with reality. The idealism, imaginaJon and dreams will be the order of the month.

    May 22-June 21: You will take risks, to gamble on a hunch or a bold idea, but the chances of success are not very large.

    April 21 -May 21: Good astral inuences will help you in your work, to nd quick and eecJve soluJons to get you out of diculJes.

    June22- july23: Improve brand image and increase your personal inuence in areas where you operate because this is your month.

    ZODIAAAAC !!!!

  • September24-October23 : Period rather favorable overall. You will have ?me to make posi?ve choices, to ini?ate, to decide and move forward with condence.

    October24-November22 : You will be with a certain energy, but you wont want to use it in a reasonable and protable. pay aJen?on!

    August24-September23: Your imagina?on will be quite produc?ve during this period. Try to use all of its resources to achieve posi?ve things.

    November23-December21: Changes unexpected occur and require all at once from you a sense of adapta?on and organiza?on.

    July24-August23: Tired of the harsh realiJes of daily life, you might feel aQracted by the calls this Jme of any sect, who promises less boring days.

  • January21-february19: Old projects will unlock. But know that your success will be commensurate with the eorts you are making.

    February20-March20: You have a lot of enthusiasm, energy and projects. Nothing, will stop and even yourself because you will act with the utmost condence.

    December22-January20 : You will live under the inuence of intense and deep emoJons that oUen masks the reality to you. You won't be able to harmonize your ideas with your life.




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