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  2. 2. THE SUNGARD MANAGED RECOVERY PROGRAM When you contract for the Managed Recovery Program (MRP), SunGard Availability Services assumes responsibility for recovery on your behalf. SunGard experts develop your recovery plans and procedures, maintain them to ensure synchronization with changes in your production environment and completely manage the testing of IT Application recovery plans. Our staff is available 24/7 to also perform the recovery, in case your production environment suffers an outage.EXPERT MANAGEMENT OF RECOVERY SOLUTION DESIGN, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE RECOVERY PERFORMED BY SUNGARD STAFF, WITH CONTRACTUALLY GUARANTEED RECOVERY TIME AND RECOVERY POINT OBJECTIVES LOWER COST, BURDEN AND RISK THAN IN-HOUSE SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. SunGard Managed Recovery Program WHATS MISSING FROM YOUR DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN? More common than not, businesses cannot keep their recovery environments aligned with the ever-growing changes in business. Based on our experience, the most often encountered weaknesses in the planning and execution of availability strategies can be tied back to one of the following causes lack of alignment between production and recovery or high-availability environments, staff shortages and lack of process expertise in solution design, backup and restoration.RECOVERY READINESS Almost two-thirds have documented procedures in place for business continuity and disaster recovery, Accorded to an Aberdeen Group BC/DR survey1, 62% of respondents have documented procedures in place for disaster recovery, however not all have measurable procedures (55% have standardized procedures that can be measured).but only about one-third educate their staff. Of those surveyed, 37% educate their organization on the documented procedures in preparing for a crisis. This means that they could have the best possible plan in place, but without an educated and prepared team, their chances of being recoverable are severely diminished.BC / DR PROCEDURES SURVEY RESULTS62% DOCUMENTED55%37%MEASUREDEDUCATED1 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Dont Go it Alone, Aberdeen Group, May 2013SunGard Availability Services1
  4. 4. 2SunGard Managed Recovery ProgramCHANGE MANAGEMENT Changes in the production environment, which occur almost constantly, often are not synchronized with the recovery systems and plans. As a result of that disconnect, the restoration of systems and data can be significantly delayed, or even fail. STAFFING General IT staff shortages may delay recovery testing, as personnel is needed to support the primary production site. In case of a larger-scale disaster, IT staff may directly be affected and unable or unwilling to travel to a recovery location. EXPERTISE During the planning and execution process, lack of experience with actual recoveries can create huge gaps. For every step in the recovery process there are numerous, common, human errors and process-related missteps that can occur. If not mitigated, these risks can lead to a slow or failed recovery. So, if you are grappling with issues related to keeping your secondary environment up to date, prioritizing projects and perfecting recovery processes internally, chances are very high that your peers share the same concernsSunGard Availability Services
  5. 5. SunGard Managed Recovery Program3MRP SERVICES OVERVIEW Continuous ImprovementPROGRAM TRANSITIONINITIAL TEST & IMPROVEMENT OPPORTUNITIESTesting ProgramOngoingLife Cycle ManagementPHASEPHASEPHASEKEY PROGRAM DELIVERABLES: Application technology & configuration mapping Recovery Procedure Documentation Testing Program Execution Post-Test Reporting Configuration & Procedure Lifecycle MaintenanceSunGard Availability Services
  6. 6. 4SunGard Managed Recovery ProgramTHE KEY COMPONENTS OF MANAGED RECOVERY With the Managed Recovery Program, SunGard experts plan, implement, and manage the full recovery lifecycle, providing contractually guaranteed uptime during testing and disasters. RECOVERY INFRASTRUCTURE Actively maintained and highly efficient systems and storage, with low-cost options DATA MOVEMENT Transfer of data from production environments to recovery infrastructure APPLICATION RECOVERY Restoration of application environments at the recovery location END-USER ACCESS Rapid and efficient re-connection of business users to the recovered applicationsSunGard Availability ServicesTHE RECOVERY LIFECYCLE The recovery lifecycle SunGard uses identifies recovery steps applicable to any IT environment, whether physical or virtual, simple or complex. SunGard not only created disaster recovery, but with over 30 years of experience, we have continued to refine the processes to help reduce risk, instill confidence, and delivery successful tests and recoveries.
  7. 7. SunGard Managed Recovery ProgramTHE MANAGED RECOVERY PROGRAM INCLUDES A dedicated Service Delivery Manager who is assigned to your organization and works seamlessly with your staff to coordinate the active maintenance and management of your solution Recovery procedure development and documentation, leveraging runbooks that are custom-developed for your applications environment A CMDB (Customer Configuration Repository Tool) that tracks assets and their interrelationships. Changes made to these assets can be tracked and then replicated in the recovery environment to ensure recoverability. Recovery procedure execution, including OS startup, network startup, and backup server startup, delivering contractually guaranteed recovery time and recovery point objectives Recovery management at time of test and at time of disaster Post-test reporting, including a detailed review of test activities, gap analysis (recovery achieved versus recovery objectives), recommendations for improvement, and remediation plans Program status reporting (monthly and quarterly) Recovery schedule and contract maintenance and updates If you choose to manage your recovery program internally, certain recovery support services can be provided individually, including Operating System (OS) Restore Services, Backup Server Restore Services, Remote Console Access, Recovery Network Startup Services, and Media Handling Services.SunGard Availability Services5
  8. 8. 6SunGard Managed Recovery ProgramEXPERIENCE: THE SUNGARD DIFFERENCE With more than 30 years of recovery experience, we know what a successful solution requires. We deliver the strategy, the management and technology necessary to manage real-life outages within real organizations. Our process expertise is the essential ingredient for ensuring a reliable recovery. And, using SunGard solutions can cost less than managing availability solutions on your own. CONTROLLING COST, IMPROVING EFFECTIVENESS To manage cost while delivering contractually guaranteed recovery time and recovery point objectives, SunGard applies a tiered approach to application availability. Our consulting team can work with you to rank applications and data by their criticality to your business operations. Our recovery specialists then design and deliver services that provide customized uptime by application, avoiding an expensive one-size-fits-all approach. Access to a combination of secure, shared cloud resources, along with dedicated and shared physical systems, can lower your costs still further. APPLICATION AVAILABILITY SunGard goes beyond infrastructure to deliver services customized to your specific applications environment. For example, applications arent just restored they are restored and set up to perform as expected, too. Due to built-in data protection options, applications can be recovered to any point in time, to ensure availability even if data corruption occurs. And, end-users are reconnected seamlessly as part of the process.SunGard Availability Services
  9. 9. SunGard Managed Recovery ProgramEVERYDAY ADVANTAGES SunGard expertise goes beyond recovery and can assist you in strengthening your production environment, too. Expert recovery testing can uncover gaps in a production environment, which, when addressed, improve processing and can even lower costs. SunGard-supplied recovery runbooks can be used for partial recovery of applications in a production environment. And the ready access to SunGard expertise can help you streamline or redesign protection systems, including complex backup, replication, snapshot and recovery software.APPLICATIONS REQUIRING EXPERT RECOVERY Customer Portals Customer Service Electronic Mail Communications Enterprise Resource Planning Financial Services Healthcare Systems Online Communities Online Order Systems Supply Chain Web FarmsSunGard Availability Services7
  10. 10. 8SunGard Managed Recovery ProgramCONFIDENCE FROM EXPERTISE There is a difference between on-paper theories and real-life, complex applications environments. There is also a difference between disaster recovery testing and real declaration events. With more than three decades of experience, SunGard understands that difference. We have supported thousands of disaster declarations, working within complex heterogeneous environments. That experience and expertise is why more than 9,000 companies choose SunGard Availability Services to ensure the availability of their business-critical applications.SunGard Availability Services
  11. 11. WHY CHOOSE THE SUNGARD MANAGED RECOVERY PROGRAM? ADVANCED EXPERTISE IN DESIGNING, TESTING, AND EXECUTING COMPREHENSIVE RECOVERY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS FLEXIBLE SERVICE DELIVERY TAILORED TO THE EACH INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS SECURITY AND BUDGET NEEDS, USING SUNGARD FACILITIES OR REMOTE MANAGEMENT ON CUSTOMER PREMISESSTRONG PROVIDER MAKING CONTINUOUS INVESTMENTS, BACKED BY MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF IT OPERATIONS AND INFORMATION AVAILABILITY MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE SERVING CUSTOMERS ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES AND SIZES ACCESS TO BREADTH OF SERVICES, INCLUDING SECURITY CONSULTING, MANAGED HOSTING, DISASTER RECOVERY, AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY CAPABILITIESHEADQUARTERS SunGard Availability Services 680 East Swedesford Road Wayne, PA USA 19087 1-888-270-3657 AROUND THE WORLD Belgium Pegasus Park De Kleetlaan 12b 1831 Diegem Belgium + 32 (0)2 513 36 18 France 93, Cours des Petites Ecuries 77185 Logne France + 33 (0)1 64 80 61 61Ireland Unit 5 Beckett Way Park West Business Park Nangor Road Dublin 12 Ireland 1 800 36 59 65 + 353 (0)1 46 73 650 Luxembourg 6, Parc Syrdall L-5365 Mnsbach Luxembourg + 352 35 73 05 30Mexico Carr. Toluca Ixtapan de la Sal No. 556 4 Piso Col. Hipico Metepec Mexico 52140 + 52 (722) 270 882 Sweden Sandhamnsgatan 63 Box 27 157 102 52 Stockholm Sweden + 46 (0)8 666 32 00 info@sungard.seIndia SunGard IT Availability (India) Private Limited Wing 4, Cluster D, Plot No.1, S.No.77 MIDC Kharadi Knowledge Park Pune 411014 India + 91 20 673 10 400United Kingdom SunGard Availability Services UK Limited United Kingdom & European Head Office Unit B Heathrow Corporate Park Green Lane Hounslow Middlesex TW4 6ER + 44 20 8080 8002 0800 143 413
  12. 12. EXPERT EXPERIENCED FLEXIBLE VERSATILE RELIABLEMANAGED RECOVERY PROGRAMAbout SunGard Availability Services SunGard Availability Services provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software. With approximately five million square feet of datacenter and operations space, SunGard Availability Services helps customers improve the resilience of their mission critical systems by designing, implementing and managing cost-effective solutions using people, process and technology to address enterprise IT availability needs. Through direct sales and channel partners, we help organizations ensure their people and customers have uninterrupted access to the information systems they need in order to do business. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-270-3657. Trademark information: SunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. 2013 SunGard, all rights reserved. BRO-032 913Connect with Us


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