Tips and Tricks for every LinkedIn User

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  • 9 Awesome Tips and Tricks For Every LinkedIn User

  • What is LinkedIn?

    Pic courtesy: LinkedIn

  • Did you know?

    -You can find email IDs of all your connections in one go. -You can view others profiles without getting noticed.

  • #1 Get email IDs of all your connections in one go

    Step 1Click on Connections and then click on Export LinkedIn Connections.

  • Step 2Export the contacts in desired format.

  • #2 Want to stalk without getting noticed?

    Step 1 Go to Privacy & Settings.

  • Step 2Click on Select what others see when youve viewed their profile.

  • Step 3Select You will be totally anonymous and you are done!

  • #3 View updates in chronological order

    Timelines are arranged as per the LinkedIn algorithm, which by default is Top Updates. You can arrange the updates in chronological order instead of what LinkedIn is suggesting.

  • #4 See the stats of yoLinkedIn Groups you are

    Want to view statistics of the LinkedIn Groups you are part of?Just go to the group page and do as shown in the picture.

  • Heres how you can save time by sharing the same posts on your LinkedIn and Twitter account.

    #5 Link your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts

  • #6 Customize your LinkedIn URLStep 1 Go to Update your public profile settings.

  • Step 2Then save your customized ID.

  • Looking for all the digital marketers on LinkedIn?

    Go to LinkedIn Search and look for a person who has the desired designation

    Click on Similar link below the persons details.

    You will get what you are looking for

    #7 Get profiles of similar job designations

  • Go the profile of the person you wish to connect with Hover your mouse on the down arrow next to the Inmail button.

    #8 Connect using a Shared Connection

  • #9 Use Anchor text for your blog/website links

    You can change the anchor text to make your blog and website links more prominent to people who visit your

    profile. This helps your profile become more discoverable in Google search results as well.

  • Step 1 Go to Edit Profile.

  • Step 2Add your company website, Facebook profile and link to blog page.