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Few of the iOS apps developed by Digicorp

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  • 1. DIGICORP iOS APPS www.digi-corp.com

2. WHAT WE DO Digicorp helps entrepreneurs and companies build large-scale software products. Focused on design and speed, our solutions outsmart the competition. Digicorp has offices in India and USA. www.digi-corp.com 3. IS DIGICORP FOR YOU? If any of the following statements resonates with you, Digicorp is a right choice for you. - I need a software development partner so that I can focus on my business. - I have an idea and need experienced technology team for execution. - I have burned my hands with incompetent cheap software developers. - I need a long-term software product development partner. - I need a software product with focus on design and usability. - I have a software product but nobody uses it. - I need a technology partner for my startup. www.digi-corp.com 4. OUR CRAFTS From working with a lot of startups and building solutions for businesses, we have gained a rare expertise in designing and building large-scale software products just from an idea. Here is a list of few of our crafts that our clients and we are proud of. www.digi-corp.com 5. IMUSTI AUDIO iMusti is a leading source of Indian music online today with one of the largest collections from a wide variety of genres. Now iMusti brings you a new application to access to this vast collection without the hassle of finding great Indian music to listen to. iMusti Audio is an elegantly designed application that redefines how users listen to their favourite Indian music. With a slick and efficient interface, listeners of all musical backgrounds (casual, passionate, and devoted) can enjoy the largest collection of Indian audio without the constant hassle of changing songs or searching for new ones. No ads, no breaks and no hassle. Just pure music. Digicorp is a strategic technology partner of iMusti managing design, development, QA and online marketing of all iMusti products. www.digi-corp.com 6. VIRTUA BOOK The in-house and online reservation system for the dining industry for OSX, Windows and now for the iPad. Digicorp developed the iPad app from the suit. www.digi-corp.com 7. 4SALE 4Sale helps buyers and sellers find each other on mobile platforms. It now boasts more than 900,000 users with over 300,000 active users and growing. 4Sale is the first and most successful application in Kuwait for buying and selling things. Digicorp developed and maintained all the versions of 4Sale till it got acquired in 2013. Design was done by our partner in Kuwait. www.digi-corp.com 8. CINESCAPE - KNCC The official Cinescape iOS App of Kuwait National Cinema Company. It is the only cinema chain of Kuwait having more than 54 screens. Users can book tickets using Cinescape Smart Card, A Debit Card, or any other Credit Card from locally issued banks. Digicorp developed the iOS and Android app for KNCC. Design was done by our partner in Kuwait. www.digi-corp.com 9. DAMA (CHECKERS) Dama is a popular ancient game originated either from India or Turkey. Now a Kuwaiti heritage, Kuwaitis knew about DAMA when they traveled to India by the virtue of old trade and mutual visits. Dama is a 2-player game played on a squared-checker board with 64 squares (8 rows 8 columns). You can play against the computer as well. Digicorp developed the game and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine. www.digi-corp.com 10. IMUSTI BOOKS iMusti Inc. is a leading provider of South Asian media content. The iMusti entertainment portal includes an unparalleled content of music, movies, and books that are available on all platforms accessible anywhere in the world. iMusti Books is the first to offer Indian literature in the form of eBooks for both the iPad and Android Tablets. The books are in English, Hindi and other various regional languages with the option of physical book purchase from the iMusti website. Digicorp is a strategic technology partner of iMusti managing design, development, QA and online marketing of all iMusti products. www.digi-corp.com 11. MONKEY JAYWALKING A fun game developed by Digicorp for iPhone and iPad. A hungry monkey is away from its troop and is loose on the street. You have to feed him but make sure you keep him safe. www.digi-corp.com 12. HOW WE DO IT? We have no secrets. We are unusually transparent with our clients and employees. Thats not the easy way but its the only way. We dont have a magical secret method for doing things. We keep it simple and stick to the basics. Here is what we do: We communicate We research We draw wireframes We brainstorm We create design sketches We develop We test We launch We measure and optimize www.digi-corp.com 13. ABOUT US Digicorp was founded in 2004 in Ahmedabad a city with more than 600 years of history and the 3rd fastest growing city in the world. Over the period, we have positioned ourselves as a reliable technology partner or product development partner for clients across the world. Digicorp is owned and managed by 4 computer engineering graduates: Kuntal Shah, Sanket Patel, Nachiket Patel, and Abhishek Desai Digicorp has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and has won awards like Best Software Company and Best Mobile App Development Company of the region. www.digi-corp.com 14. CONTACT Do you think you have an idea we can help you evolve or a problem that we can give solution for? Use our contact information below. Abhishek Digicorp House, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380015 India +91 98790 33534 abhishek.desai@digi-corp.com Sanket 1411 Zinnia Rd, Missouri City Texas 77489 USA +1 (832) 947-3143 sanket.patel@digi-corp.com Find us on Twitter or Facebook. www.digi-corp.com