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FM Quizilla 4

FM Quizilla 4FM Quizilla 4 is an iOS application that is meant to help FileMaker developers home their skills for FileMaker 14 certification.Built to run optimally on the iPhone and iPad, FM Quizilla 4 helps developers achieve FileMaker 14 certification via practice tests and Module based questions. Social sharing allows users to share their scores on social media. Users can monitor their progress and see how they improved with each practice test.

FM Quizilla 4

FM Quizilla, As shown above, Practice tests can be taken module by module or all at once.

FM Quizilla 4

Users can see the Historical Analysis of percentage scored in module wise tests as well as practice tests.

FM Quizilla 4

Users can see the percentage of questions attempted in each module for a test. They can also see a summary of Marked Or Attempted questions.

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