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<ol><li> 1. Holiday Mobile Marketing Strategies for Apps Kathy Pattison VP, Marketing @ksu,@kathypa-son Mobile Marketing Summit </li><li> 2. 800CLIENTS 2900APPS 40 of 502013 TOP GROSSING APPS Data driven mobile marketing platform About Fiksu 3.2 BillionDOWNLOADS GENERATED Boston Northampton San Francisco London Helsinki Singapore Tokyo Seoul </li><li> 3. The Countdown is On </li><li> 4. Why the Holidays Matter Who do you know whos getting a phone or tablet? Device proliferation = app proliferation App Store visibility matters for brands </li><li> 5. Huge Opportunity iPad Air iPad Mini iPhone 5c Kindle Fire HD Samsung Galaxy S4 iPad Mini (2nd gen) iPhone 5s iPhone 4s Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 51% 26% 26% 23% 20% 17% 15% 10% 8% Black Friday Weekend Device Growth (% Change from Previous Weekend) Source: Localytics Nov. 2013 iOS Android </li><li> 6. New Devices Are Coming </li><li> 7. Holiday Timeline Sept/Oct November December January New Apple &amp; Samsung devices released New Years 2014 ChristmasHanukkah Begins Black Friday Dec 25Dec 16Nov 28 Jan 1Sept - Oct </li><li> 8. Historical Data Backs Up Holiday Impact Cost per Loyal User Index $1.63 $1.79 $1.06 $1.38 October November December $1.47 $1.43 $1.81 2011 2012 $1.67 2013 $1.75 CPLU all time high Steady increase Steady costs Summer 2014 CPLU at an all time high </li><li> 9. 4.6M 5.0M6.0M5.3M$1.38 $1.29$1.56$1.67 2012 Holiday Results November December January February Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday New Years 2013 Christmas Volume CPLU </li><li> 10. 5.7M 6.8M6.4M6.4M$1.79 $1.59$1.80$1.75 November December January February Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday New Years 2014 Christmas 2013 Holiday Results Volume CPLU </li><li> 11. 2012 vs. 2013 Holiday Results 2013 2012 2013 2012 2013 2012 2013 2012 2014 2013 2014 2013 2014 2013 2014 2013 November December January February Volume CPLU Good News: Volume was up across the board in 2013 Bad News: Costs were up across the board in 2013 </li><li> 12. How to Win the Holidays Goals first Volume vs. value Holiday creative and content Retarget as users change devices Nurture your users for long-term loyalty </li><li> 13. So Which Is It: Volume or Value? Peak growth (volume): maximize downloads = = Which is right for you? Value: maximize ROI </li><li> 14. Volume v. Value Valume: Blend of the two strategies Rank is a component but not a goal Find specific times for rank pushes within a longer-term value approach Volume: Business goal: X million users Network effects Visibility important = = Value: Focused on ROI Need every user to be profitable Small/mid-sized companies </li><li> 15. Use holiday themes in creative, content, landing pages Customize virtual goods too Be consistent throughout the experience Even if you arent commerce oriented Consider holiday apps/versions for extension App stores tend to feature holiday-themed apps Chance for Top 10 holiday app posts or articles Add Some Holiday Spirit </li><li> 16. Upgrade time can be cleaning house time or a re-discovery time Re-engage before the upgrade Retarget lapsed users on their new device 33% increase in app installs in first month Retarget During Device Upgrades </li><li> 17. iOS 8 Changes Impacting App Marketing App discoverability changes - App Store top charts cut from 300 to 150 - New Explore tab in App Store to find apps - Spotlight search will now search App Store Other updates - Widgets, actionable notifications, increased continuity between devices </li><li> 18. We Recommend Updating Your App Apps that update during the holidays see: - More sessions/user - 4x users/app - Shorter session length One in three apps updates during the holiday </li><li> 19. But Dont Forget: iTunes Connect Shutdown iTunes Connect shutdown - Around 12/20 12/27? - No approvals, pricing changes In the past, some updates have taken up to 3 weeks Recommendation: get changes in by Nov. 30th </li><li> 20. The App Store Freeze 2009: About a week 2010: 4 days 2011: 48 hours 2012: ~8 hours 2013: The Year Without an App Store Freeze 2014: Expect the same </li><li> 21. CASE STUDY: QuizUp 5.5M users in 1st month CPIs around $1 Viral effects: 7 organic users for every paid user Partnered with Fiksu for Nov 2013 launch to capitalize on increased holiday traffic </li><li> 22. Whats Going to Happen This Year? Device sales figures will continue to astound - 2013: 1.2B ~ 50% shipped in Q4 - 2014: 1.5B Marketing costs are at all-time highs Marketers will continue to get smarter about spend </li><li> 23. Thank You! Want to talk? @fiksu @kathypattison Learn more: </li></ol>