Luxury holiday Villas in France

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A special collection of luxury holiday villas in France and holiday cottages in France all with private pools.


  • 1. The villas at FranceFrench Maison, The Old Stables,The Street, Little Bealings,Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 6LT, United Kingdom
  • 2. About of FranceThe France attracts more tourists and visitors than any other country isthe most popular destination in the world. It is easy to understand whythis is happening, the reputation of French gourmet cuisine, theincomparable wines, high fashion and relaxed lifestyle. Villas in Franceare very attractive and eye catchers.
  • 3. What is holiday villa?An appointment with aqualified network of providersof tourist services with longexperience in rental housesbuilt on travelers authenticexperiences, we personallyservice and uniqueaccommodation to offer anaffordable price.
  • 4. Holiday villa at La LombardieLa Lombardia is a good place. This beautifully converted barn has, on thebasis of the main building, a breathtaking view on the land of the Aveyronand the distant mountains of Aubrac.
  • 5. Holiday villa at DordogneCortijo and surrounded by 3 hectares of exceptional House landscapedgardens with a great diversity of wildlife and trees, including; Many birds,including buzzards, woodpeckers, red squirrels, roe deer and kite. Treesinclude: American Redwoods, oak, pine, Sycamore, Maple and walnuts tosome of the largest Magnolia tree in various shades
  • 6. Holiday villa at La PetiteLa Petite Tour is a new purpose built luxury villa, beautifully situated in thesmall towers perigordian friendly village of Le Haut Queyrel, with awonderful view in the Valley of Woods, large private pool, gardens andgrounds
  • 7. Holiday villa at Le RelaisOne of the five houses attractive at the end of a very easy restore.Everyone has an exclusive area of the garden and share a large swimmingpool. The surrounding area is ideal for walking, cycling, fishing, painting.