Finding Your Muse: The Art & Science of Inspiration

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Building a public, creative voice within social media takes work: ongoing, complex, engaged work. This slideshow, from a Blissdom Canada 11 conference, explores the notion of inspiration and how to harness it within social media networks and spaces .


  • 1. The Art & Scienceof Finding Inspiration andUsing It Tanis Miller @redneckmommy Elan Morgan @schmutzieBonnie Stewart @bonstewart

2. Inspiration is bullshit. 3. We are here to talk about work. 4. Two things get in the way of work: 1. Stuff we dont like to do. 2. Stuff we dont know how to do. 5. Goal Work will seldom be inspired, motivated, orsatisfed with your efforts if you dont know what your goal was in the frst place. 6. Social Media = Networks people ask for help) 7. Identity work habits become who you are. 8. Curation Work 9. Work. Re-work. 10. Life in the Open:why inspiration matters. 11. Engage.Add value.Amplify.Collaborate.Be open tothe new. 12. Thank


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