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Build a master list you can use for the rest of your sales career leveraging free and almost free services like: JigSaw , , $2 / Mo. . Turn paid services into free services using this strategy.


  • 1. Build The List Now!by Robert Wolfrum My LinkedIn network is yours!

2. Presentation Agendawhy you want a listovercome fearspowerful toolsstep by step directionssafe home for you contactsjump start assistanceQ&AAudiencesales professionalsfield marketingcareer seekers 3. What is in it for you ?LinkedIn & Jigsaw helps you find people faster.Your your Return on Investment ?More prospecting time productionAbility to scale your efforts and resultsWork smarter not harder 4. Our Intuitive Fear & World Reality The Web renders all private contacts public.Get over this FACT and evolve. Waiting gives your competitors the edge. The longer you wait the harder it will be.The world is about value not exclusivity.Value Delivery is the new right to play baselinePremium value is your offence and defense 5. Tools of the trade FutureTodayBusiness CardsYour CSV Share / Get Help Extraction Tools Your PC Data 6. LinkedIn: get one - grow it - see moreText big networks are hard to infiltrate - small targeted ones are easybeing private does not protect your network 7. Consolidate SourcesGather what you have and start a Living ListTodayCentralized ContactsBusiness Cards 8. Build Master FileYour CSV- get your data in a single place- normalized format for all contacts- Salesforce & Jigsaw inputs and outputs .CSV stands for comma-separated values universal file format for importing and exporting data The least common detonator of the data world 9. Grab Contacts from your Email ClientsCSV 10. Grab from other online sources CSV 11. CardMunch: let someone else do your data entry Free iPhone applicationsnap a picturehuman enters or grabs card dataaddress book upload optionLinkedIn invite optionbusiness cards are you the only one with that business card? 12. add connections one by one 13. connect in mass upload a CSV with only an email fieldconsider waiting for your master spreadsheet a chicken and egg question until you jump in 14. mass expand connectionsBare Bones CSV 15. selectively send invite requests 16. LinkedIn: visibility nowexpect lots of avenues to future value 17. CardMunch in then export outCSV fatten up your CSV 18. Address Books: usually hard to get data out Where is the CSV option? Jigsaw and Salesforce are CSV friendlyWhy arent others like Apple & Microsoft? 19. Free Online Email ExtractorYour PC Data ... stick your text here ... ... a.k.a. donate here ... Extraction Tools 20. Paid Email Extractor: grab what you already ownYour PC Data Extraction Tools 21. Email Extractor: drag and drop filesYour PC Data 1,873 files selected Extraction Tools ready for extraction 22. Email Extractor: ready to extractYour PC Data Extraction Tools 23. Email Extractor: CSV ready dataYour PC Data Manipulate Extraction Tools take the results and add to your master spreadsheet 24. JigSaw ( owned by Salesforce 25. Trim Your Master CSV FileManipulatemake a duplicate file then cut out all but:first, last, title, company, work phone,email, street, city, state, zip and country this file is what you feed JigSaw 26. JigSaw: CSV to import tool alignment 27. JigSaw: import screens 28. JigSaw: import screens 29. JigSaw: queue status 30. JigSaw: import results 31. Give your list a happy homebase service is $2.oo / monthsafe, reliable, secure, accessible, etc. FutureMaster CSVOnline Trio Ready for Data Push & Pull 32. turbo charge !$get paid to improve JigSaw echosystemoccasionally export enriched data for JigSaw points 33. continuous improvement strategy strategypush and pull consume build free JigSaw lists goalearn more than you consumemake an expensive service a free service 34. SummaryandQ&ASend your thoughts, comments, feedback, ideas,corrections and criticisim ! Robert Wolfrum