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  • LinkedIn Sales Solutions Overview

  • How it worksLinkedIn Sales Solutions offers your sales and business development teams to leverage LinkedIn data and to find new business opportunities, in a more structured and strategic way.

    The Lead Generator allows you to find all the relevant accounts in your vertical, and also lets you save lists of all the relevant prospects in your industry. Based on our organic LinkedIn data, your reps can now get automated updates and build lead lists that do not depreciate.

    With a 360 view into accounts, reps can discover their upsell and cross-sell opportunities by identifying and mapping out key decision makers in each business line and region of your client. New BusinessUpsellGenerate lead lists that dont depreciate


  • The NetworkWhile there is tremendous value in free LinkedIn it prohibits members from running an unlimited number of searches and viewing an unlimited number of profiles due to its Commercial Use Limit

    Sales Navigator provides access to the entire network without any restrictions. Accompanying this access is a number of filters and tools to help enhance the search experience and make it easy to find the right person

    430M members2B+ member updatesper weekRestricted SearchUnlimited Search

    5.4 people are Involved in the averageB2B buying decision

  • TeamLink enables you to leverage your companys network to find introductions into your accounts or territory even when youre not connected. Sales Navigator licenses will interconnect your company to create a massive pool of potential introductions.

    This is an addressable market of warm and trusted introductions that you cannot access without TeamLink because your company is only [X]% connected to one another.

    Your employees are connected to [X] companies on LinkedInYour employees are connected to [X] individuals on LinkedIn

  • Job changes = Selling OpportunityLinkedIn Sales Solutions allows you to track the recent job changes of your prospects and customers from both search and the news feed. This is a powerful way of engaging potential buyers and maintaining an ever-changing org chart.

    Many of your current customers are moving on to new roles. You can stay informed on these jobs changes to warm up your next acquisition -- these are your bluebirds.

    18 monthsThe average time beforeA DM changes roles DMs are 60% more likely to evaluate a purchase in their first 6 months in role

  • Save Leads and Saved Accounts Insights and Business IntelligenceAlbert Einstein once said, If I had an hour to solve a problem, Id spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.

    From within Sales Solutions you can save prospects, partners, customers, and potential buyers to see what they are sharing and writing on LinkedIn. Additionally, you can save the companies they work for so you are consistently updated when organizations are mentioned in the news on and off (funding, M&A, c-suite hires, etc.)

    75% of B2B buyers now usesocial media to be more informed on vendors

    90% of DMs say they never respond to cold calls

  • OwnershipLinkedIn Sales Solutions allows your company to own all of your LinkedIn subscriptions. If your online users are expensing their subscriptions and they leave your company there is no way to recover those dollars. Now you are paying for your ex-employee to prospect for one of your peers.

    Your dashboard will allow you to move seats, tag users, and track usage analytics

  • Integration with SalesforceTake advantage of LinkedIn integration with Salesforce CRM to automatically match LinkedIn profiles to your Salesforce records. Transform your contact records into an insight-rich display of self-authored customer profile information.

  • Scaling the ProgramA lot of people understand social media but only a few understand how you can use it to sell

    Its our first priority to make sure you achieve Social Selling success with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Therefore we offer our clients full on-boarding training, Relationship Manager, and 24/7 Access to our Online Training Center.Relationship ManagerCUSTOMIZED TRAININGUSAGE MONITORINGDRIVE ADOPTIONCustomer Success ConsultantLIVE WEBINARS24/7 ACCESS TO RECORDED SESSIONSSELF-PACE TRAINING MODULESOnline Training CenterPROJECT MANAGEMENTCOMPETITOR ANALYSISQUARTER BUSINESS REVIEWS

  • Social Selling Roll-Out with LinkedIn

    We align our resources, to guarantee a successful roll-out of your social selling project and ensure continuous success throughout our partnership.

    Signing the Contract

    Intro Call with Account Manager Manager

    Provisioning of Licenses

    On-Boarding Training

    Quarterly Management Reviews

    DateDateDateDateWeek 13-16 JuneDefine together Success plan and key metrics of the projectAgreement on the project and number of usersActivation of the licensesCall with Customer Success Consultant on Dashboard/Report ManagementAttend to advanced training sessions

    Success Plan reviewBenchmark with competitorsAction Points from both partiesBest practices from companies from your sector


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