Optimise your Business Communication with SMS Magic Interact

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Learn how to enhance your business communication, automate your interaction with customers, Auto Lead Creation on Incoming SMSes and much more. See how you can use SMS Magic Interact in your organisation through our use cases. At the end of this webinar, you will have gained the expertise to - - Automate your conversation with your clients/ leads using SMS Magic for Workflow - Define Actions on Incoming Messages. - Pre-plan you messages with SMS Magic Scheduler - Reach a larger audience in just a click with SMS Magic Campaigns. - Take your customer interaction to a whole new level with SMS Magic Interact New Version 1.30.

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  • 1. Optimise Your Business Interaction with SMS Magic Interact

2. Presenters : Nitin Seth - CEO, Product Guy. Jyoti Nimbalkar - Customer Support Evangelist, Support Girl. Tweet your questions to @smsmagic or you can type in here itself. 3. Agenda SMS Magic - A Brief Introduction How SMS Magic helps businesses Who uses our app? Some Use Cases New Powerful Add ons Art of Reaching Mass Secret Ingredients of Success Why SMS Magic ? 4. SMS Magic - A Brief Introduction SMS Magic Interact is Most Popular 2-way SMS application on Salesforce Appexchange serving 500+ customers globally. Send/Receive SMS from your Salesforce Org. Fire SMSs from your Apex Code using our APIs or Automate Conversation with SMS Workflows 5. SMS Magic - A Brief Introduction Schedule your SMS with SMS Magic Scheduler Reach Masses in just a few click with SMS Magic for Campaigns Create Actions on Incoming SMS for eg. Auto-create Lead etc. 6. Support Details Active support Skype id : smsmagic Mail : care@screen-magic.com, sales@screen-magic.com Go to meeting Call Us : + 91 9923959465, 1(415) 689 9077, Toll free : + 18885681315 Support Time : 2:30pm - 3:30am (AEST) twitter handle : @smsmagic 7. How SMS Magic helps businesses Business Scenarios: Qualify your leads or Launch quick campaigns - Get an active pipeline in a matter of hours Listen to your Customers Alert your Subscribed Customers about bills, documents, tips and tricks 8. How SMS Magic helps businesses Real-time actionable events - Price information, System Downtime Run Campaigns - with offers, news, tips and tricks Service related alerts to your Customers 9. Who Use Our App ? 10. Qualify Suitable & Available Candidates Filter candidates matching a job description in SFDC Send them Job alert via SMS Interested candidates reply to SMS - You got a pipeline! Setup Interview Appointment - Give them time slots and they confirm by replying to the SMS Use Cases - Recruitment 11. Benefits Quick disbursal of job information to candidates Instant replies from candidates A recruiter saves time and money in reaching out to all candidates Use Cases - Recruitment 12. Use Cases - NFPs A Non-profit wants to find out available volunteers for an event Filter volunteers by applying filters in SFDC Send them an SMS to find whos available for an event Interested and available volunteers reply to SMS Inform service recipients of volunteer availability 13. Use Cases - NFPs Benefits Quick disbursal of event information to volunteers Instant replies from volunteers Reach masses in a cost effective way 14. New Powerful Add-Ons SMS Magic for Workflow For predefined business conditions (e.g. welcome message to a new lead), automate communication with - Customers Leads Accounts Internal teams 15. New Powerful Add-Ons How does it work? Create a workflow rule Choose task as an action Activate the workflow rule 16. SMS Magic for Workflow Examples of conditions you may want to auto trigger an SMS using SMS on Workflow Rule Welcome message to a new lead Confirmation message on case closure Automate follow-up on SMS with Leads/Account Auto SMS on escalation / closure Auto response messages to incoming messages Auto reminders and notifications. 17. SMS Magic Scheduler SMS Magic Scheduler Reach your target audience at a particular time even when you are not in office with SMS Scheduler. You can schedule - A single message Bulk messages SMS Campaigns 18. SMS Magic Scheduler How does it work? Click on Send/ Schedule SMS button Compose your message/ choose a template Set date and time of message delivery & Schedule. 19. SMS Magic Scheduler Examples of situations when you can Schedule SMS Event notifications like upcoming webinars, venue changes, admission application schedules Schedule messages to reach at the receivers local time. Appointments reminders Holidays when there is nobody to send SMS, you can schedule it. 20. Art of Reaching Mass SMS Magic for Campaigns Reach upto 500,000 receivers in just a click. Send campaigns to with pre-configured templates to Leads Contacts Both How does it work? Click on Run SMS Campaign button Select senderID & SMS template for lead and/or Contacts Click on Run Campaign 21. SMS Magic for Campaigns Types of Campaigns you can run? (All) Product release messages Reminders and alerts of events like webinars, trade shows and exhibitions etc. Surveys, new offers and discounts. 22. Secret Ingredient of Successful SMS Conversations Common Misconceptions Unidirectional, low response rate Best Practices Market segmentation Personalized communication Avoid spammers vocabulary - claim reward promo Respect customer privacy Check out our latest blog post to know more 23. Secret Ingredient of Successful SMS Conversations People Love Personalised Stuff Strategic Content is the King 24. Secret Ingredient of Successful SMS Conversations Customer Segmentation makes sure that you are sending right message to right person People hate when their mobile phones are spammed. Never Spam their Inbox. 25. Customer Flow The interaction with customers should be contextual and meaningful, only then you can engage them, retain them and take their loyalty to next level. 26. Why SMS Magic ? What all you have to do to send one simple SMS? Go through procuring SMS pipe from aggregators and manage SMS infrastructures Manage Incoming Number Procurement and Rentals Setup API callout from Salesforce and manage authentication 27. Why SMS Magic ? Manage Opt-ins and privacy issues. Here youve an informed partner and a package with available settings Create package inside Salesforce with templates, Workflow and all these features. Typical startup time is 2-4 months and costs in several thousand dollars! We save your time and money!!! 28. Thank you Questions Please ? Skype id : smsmagic Mail : care@screen-magic.com, sales@screen-magic.com twitter handle : @smsmagic