Are You Ready to Sell?

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  1. 1. IAre You Ready to Sell? The prospect of selling your business is both exciting and overwhelming.If you .or your company are not prepared,the results can be costly.Assessing your readiness before initiating the sales process helps mitigate these risks along the way. Readiness is a function of awareness,capacity,and execution.These domains need to be aligned before a business owner begins the process of selling theirbusiness.Dignitas readiness scorecard can help you assess your readinesstoday. /
  2. 2. Motivation:Are you seeking to sell your company for nancial gain?Options:Do you have a plan for what you are personally going to do after a sale?Timing:Are you planning to sell within the next two years? Market Reality:Do you have an informed valuation of your company?Focus:Do you have the time and capacity to concentrate on a transaction?Perspective:Are you aware of all the possible outcomes of the deal?Support:Do you have a team to helpyou navigate and close a transaction?TotalDomain 3: Execution Company Lifecycle:Are the company's operations healthy? Records:Have you maintained accurate nancial statements?Documentation:Have you reviewed and updated key governance and legal documents?Value:Do ou understand all the ke drivers that im act the value of our business?
  3. 3. Score Total Domain 1: Awareness Total Domain 2: Capacity TotalDomain 3: Execution TotalAre your positions across all domains aligned with one another?If yes add 1 point.Readiness ScoreHow Ready Are You? Not Read Almost Read M 10- 12For operators that are ready or almost ready,today's market conditions are ideal for exploring your options.Dignitas is ready to guide you through an objective process to determine the best way to move forward.X .3} Va N ILA g .7;y ,-.. - /_ v I / /,r ' .. v ,.2 ,/r .,1. / 4, v ., , I I , . ,- .K ,. /
  4. 4. About DignitasDignitas is a leading investment bank and family ofce for founder and family run enterprises.Dignitas helps owners asses their values and goals as well as V * _v _ determine their companys valuation.Our process for managing exits helps :1 owners achieve maximum enterprise value and ensures a successful close. 'For more information please contact: Nicholas Delgado Securities offered through Growth Capital Principal Services,member FINRA,SIPC 312-651-6131 582 Market Street,Suite 300, San nick@mydignitas. com Francisco,CA 94104. Copyright 2015 Dignitas,LLC.All rights reserved./ 3 I .. .*'V344!