Lets Enjoy Our Marriages

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LETS ENJOY OUR MARRIAGESHealth marriages appear as if they are a mirage nowadays. There are very many conflicts in our marriages and people are wondering whether marriages can still be healthy.Saturday, 27 December 20141Marriage is hard work. In order formarriage to really work, God MUST be at the center of the relationship. We are unable to know how to love our spouse unconditionally, unless we have God's love and know of His love. There will be ups and downs inmarriageSaturday, 27 December 20142When the storms clouds enter into your marriage, keep God as your ALL IN ALL". He will not allow your marriage to get end.Saturday, 27 December 20143Its important to understand that love is not just about finding the right person; its about working with them to create the right relationship.

Saturday, 27 December 20144Many couples dont expect to be happy and harmonious all the time. They deal with their conflicts and make conscious choicesthat lead to happiness as a couple in the long-term.Its not about finding the right person, but rather about being the right person.

Saturday, 27 December 20145Healthy marriage requires total commitment to the marriage. You cannot have divided loyalty in the marriage.Despite the various ups and downs all marriages are subject to, you can still strive to have a healthy marriage. Saturday, 27 December 20146Having Healthy Marriages1. Both spouses must seek rapport even in moments of conflict.Smart couples know the importance of their spouses feelings and avoid hurting them.Saturday, 27 December 20147Honoring each others feelings reinforces mutual trust and respect and builds deep understanding.

Saturday, 27 December 201482. Both spouses cherish their differences.Healthy couples are interdependent.Theyre aligned on the big things like life goals.They dont expect their partner to approve ofall their choices.

Saturday, 27 December 20149Each partner stands in his or her own power and respectsthe others opinion.Each partner is a happy and successful person in his or her own right.

Saturday, 27 December 2014103. Both spouses do their best to step into each others shoes. They are mindful of each others unique perspective. They can also go along way because of their spouses.A little empathy driven shift in perspective goes areallylong way.

Saturday, 27 December 2014114. Both spouses must assume the best of intentions.Life throws a lot of challenges in every couples way. Healthy couples have figured out the solution lies in consciously adopting an optimistic attitude towards each other and the world in general.

Saturday, 27 December 201412They choose to look for good intentions behind each others actions rather than assuming the worst. They build their relationship on this platform offaith in each other.

Saturday, 27 December 2014135. Both spouses figure out a way to reconnect.The main reason couples fight is because they feel disconnected. Healthy couples figure out ways to reconnect. They both take individual responsibility to reconnect after a little argument or any sort of friction that inevitably creeps into their day-to-day lives.

Saturday, 27 December 201414They dont let their daily resentments eat away at the relationship.Theydo somethingto reconnect and they do it as soon as possible.Saturday, 27 December 2014156. Both spouses make time to nurture their relationship. Healthy couples make timeto spendexclusivelywith each other.Its essential tomaketime! I cant stress it enough. Dont do this and it could beyearsbefore you really connect with each again if at all!

Saturday, 27 December 2014167. Both spouses keep their assumptions in check.We go into most situations with certain assumptions based on our life experiences.

Saturday, 27 December 2014178. Both spouses makea conscious effort to communicatetheir needs to each other even if it seems obvious.Especiallywhen it seems obvious.

Saturday, 27 December 2014189. Both spouses recognize the value of personal growth.Great relationships usually have partners committed to lifelong learning and growth. Theyre curious about things. They are keen to learn from the world and from each other.Saturday, 27 December 201419Because of their love for learning they afford each otherthe freedom to develop as individualswithin the relationship.If you want to have a successful relationship youve got to embrace learning and personal growth with open arms.Saturday, 27 December 20142010. They are committed to the peaks and valleys in their marriage.This is the most crucial point in marriage. You have to be together in all circumstances.You must be committedto making your relationship work. No matter what.Saturday, 27 December 201421They fight, but they admit to their mistakes and apologize. They argue, but make the effort to understand the others perspective.Because every healthy relationship needs an argument every now and then just to prove that it is strong enough to survive.Saturday, 27 December 201422Long-term relationships, the ones that matter, are all about commitments to the peaks and the valleys.

Saturday, 27 December 201423What you bring into the relationship has a direct impact on what you get out of it.Saturday, 27 December 201424The Christian marriage is to be the example to all marriages and to the world. We represent the relationship of Christ and the church. If the enemy can enter into our marriages, we would set a poor example to the world of Christ's relationship with the church.

Saturday, 27 December 201425I am passionate about marriage and the lives of people. I desire to see us reach new levels in life, to come out of frustration, which is a place a lot of people live, to become into the person you know you should be but do not know where to start to be it, and to growing into Christian maturity.

Saturday, 27 December 201426Marriageis a journey, with rough roads and some rocks and pebbles along the path, the kind that get in your shoes. But just like when that pebble get into your shoe, you take it off, shake it out and put it back on and go on to your designation.

Saturday, 27 December 201427`In marriage we need to do the same, shake off the rough stuff, put on the good stuff and GROW on. What a joy to live in a healthy marriage.I believe all of us can do so. Allow God to be in the center of your marriage

Saturday, 27 December 201428


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