Coding the Salesforce1 Platform with Apex

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Text of Coding the Salesforce1 Platform with Apex

  • 1. Coding the Salesforce1 Platform with Apex May 22, 2014

2. What is Apex? Programming language of the Salesforce1 Platform Java style syntax Object orientated Strongly typed Billions of lines 3. Why use Apex? Runs in the Cloud Automatically Integrated to Your Data In-Built Testing Framework Backwardly Compatibility 4. Youre Never Alone in the Cloud The Salesforce1 Platform is a Multi-Tenant Environment 5. What Can You Do With Apex? Extend when configuration isnt enough Visualforce controllers Database triggers Custom web services Email Services Scheduled and batched tasks 6. Example Use Case Keep the Contact address the same as the Account BUT Only in some circumstances 7. Example Trigger 8. Example Test Class 9. Quick Recap Apex is a really powerful tool Once weve tried clicks rather than code Is constrained by governor limits Common programming paradigms Object orientated Strongly typed Loops, Collections, Conditions Data Model awareness 10. What Next? Try It! Sign up for a developer org Follow the apex workbook Get help