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Sports Products, LLC.!

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What is a ?   the term represents anyone who has ever found themselves

….screaming at the top of their lungs with thousands of their closest friends.

….waiting in ticket lines for hours just to say, “I was there when…”

….wearing their favorite team’s colors more than 364 days of the year.

….depressed at the end of their favorite sports season.

fan-o-maniac !

If you’re the ULTIMATE SPORTS FAN…, you, my friend, are a FAN-O-MANIAC!

Dubbed by Joseph Smith in 2001,

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9 years ago…this was all a dream.

Fan-O-Maniac ! is the ultimate term for the passionate fan. Smith conceived the term while observing his cousin’s zeal for the Atlanta Falcons. Smith took his “fan-o-maniac” concept to television & gained a great following at his alma mater, Georgia Southern.

The Fan-O-Maniac segments had such an impact on Georgia Southern’s campus & the surrounding

community, that Smith searched for ways to appeal to passionate fans everywhere. Smith’s ingenuity

led him to design the lighted hitch cover.

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An act of fate would lead Smith to his business partner, Kevin Suhr, a Georgia Southern Fan-O-Maniac. The two met at a Georgia Southern football game and Smith knew Suhr would be a prime customer for his first generation hitch cover. Suhr was impressed with the product and purchased one on the spot; this was the first business transaction of many between the two. Their partnership began with a single handshake and over two years later, the pair is still in business together taking orders from Fan-O-Maniacs everywhere.

To bring light to your passion.

“I  love  the  Eagles  and  being  able  to  show  how  ‘crazy  I  am  about  my  eagles’  has  been  an  interes6ng  ride.    I  thank  Joe  and  his  team  for  their  professionalism  and  for  allowing  me  to  show  my  enthusiasm  to  the  fullest.”  

-­‐  Steve  B.  McClelland,  GSU  Alum  &  Fan-­‐O-­‐Maniac  Customer  

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From your pick-up truck to your living room wall…

Show your sports pride on the inside and out. Order your lighted hitch cover or wall unit TODAY!

Both products are…. •  INTERCHANGEABLE with faceplates & logos •  CUSTOMIZABLE And come with working lights in different modes.

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Let us light YOUR hitch�For more information

or media inquiries contact,

Fact: All sports fans have at least one thing in common. A passion for the sport…the thrill of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

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