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<ul><li> 1. Sports Podge 2011<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Rugby is a beastly game played by Gentlemen<br /> 3. Insights<br />Rugby tradition is based on respect for your opponent. Supporters remain silent during kicks as a mark of this respect.<br />There is essentially a war on a field and then afterwards they shake hands with each other<br />When the referee has to take action, its rare for there to be much complaining from the players. <br />Only a rugger can understand the mutual respect that is shared on the rugby pitch, and true rugby fans can see it.<br /> 4. 5. Invitations<br />Email and Physical<br />Envelopes in the shape of rugby caps<br />Wax seal of with rugby ball imprint<br />Etiquette explained - shake hands with your fellow players. <br /> 6. Seating Plan<br />Photographs of each guest will beplaced onto rugby team pictures to represent seating arrangements.<br />Each table represents a rugby team<br />Each team will have their own colors<br />These colors will matchindividual invites and the table itself.<br /> 7. Staff Uniform<br />Classic rugby style shirts <br />Gentlemanly phrases<br />Front - <br />Jolly good show<br />Tally ho<br />Back <br />Tootle pip<br /> Away with you young rapscallion<br /> 8. Menu<br />Themed with rugby phrases<br />SCRUMciousMenu<br />GRUBber<br />1sthalf<br />2nd half<br />3rd half<br />Night CAP - punch filled trophy<br /> 9. BAR<br />Serving special cocktails created for the event:<br />Cauliflower Ear<br />Dummy Pass<br />Hospital Pass<br />Liverpool Kiss<br /><br /> 10. Website<br />- Official event program<br />Teams guests displayed In team photos<br />Laws page dedicated to <br />the people who help create<br /> the event.<br /> 11. Event Extras<br />Photographer to take team photos.<br />Autograph book<br /></p>


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