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  • 1. Sports Podge 2011

2. Rugby is a beastly game played by Gentlemen
3. Insights
Rugby tradition is based on respect for your opponent. Supporters remain silent during kicks as a mark of this respect.
There is essentially a war on a field and then afterwards they shake hands with each other
When the referee has to take action, its rare for there to be much complaining from the players.
Only a rugger can understand the mutual respect that is shared on the rugby pitch, and true rugby fans can see it.
4. 5. Invitations
Email and Physical
Envelopes in the shape of rugby caps
Wax seal of with rugby ball imprint
Etiquette explained - shake hands with your fellow players.
6. Seating Plan
Photographs of each guest will beplaced onto rugby team pictures to represent seating arrangements.
Each table represents a rugby team
Each team will have their own colors
These colors will matchindividual invites and the table itself.
7. Staff Uniform
Classic rugby style shirts
Gentlemanly phrases
Front -
Jolly good show
Tally ho
Tootle pip
Away with you young rapscallion
8. Menu
Themed with rugby phrases
2nd half
3rd half
Night CAP - punch filled trophy
9. BAR
Serving special cocktails created for the event:
Cauliflower Ear
Dummy Pass
Hospital Pass
Liverpool Kiss
10. Website
- Official event program
Teams guests displayed In team photos
Laws page dedicated to
the people who help create
the event.
11. Event Extras
Photographer to take team photos.
Autograph book