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  • 1. The White Siberian TigerWritten and illustrated by: Donna

2. All About Hi! My name is Donna. Ipicked this animal because Ithink it is a beautiful animal, the Author and also because it isendangered. I like all sorts of animals and foods. I like to crochet and do all sorts ofthings that are fun to me. 3. The White Siberian tiger is the Who am I?worlds largest cat. It weighsover 600 lbs., and its femalescan be 7.11-9 ft. tall* andweigh 221-488 lbs. the malesare 8.8-11 ft. tall* and weighs419-800 pounds. * - on hind legs. 4. The Early Years The females can give birth to 1-5 cubs per liter. When the cubs are about 8 weeks old they start to join their mother on her hunts. By the time they are 6 months old the cubs have learned how to kill, when they are 18 months old they are fully capable of hunting on their own. When they are 2 years old they leave their mother. 5. Habitat These tigers can be found in the coniferous, Sweet scrub oak, and birch Habitat woodlands of northeastern Russia. 6. Whats on the Menu? These tigers eat birds, wild pigs, elk, cattle, deer, and water buffalo. These tigers can cover 6-12 miles in search of food. 7. Making Tracks These tigers paw prints look just like any other tigers paw prints with one round circle in the middle and three small circles around it. 8. Simply Irresistible! These tigers have have blue and sometimes green eyes and a pink nose. Their fur is a creamy white with chocolate colored stripes. 9. Where in the World? These tigers are found in the eastern parts of Russia. 10. Fun Fact Time!! The White Siberian tiger is the biggest cat in the world! In the wild they can live to be 15 years old but in captivity they live longer. The White Siberian Tiger is hunted mainly for its coat. These tigers are facing extinction. 11. Resource List cache.daylife.com/.../0dXca4Za7met9/340x.jpg - image on slide 1 www.natureology.files.wordpress.com/.../img_7858.jpg- image on slide 7 lh6.ggpht.com/.../white-siberian-tiger-4.jpg- image on slide 3 www.gotpetsonline.com -image on slide 8 www.images.china.cn/images1/200710/410579.jpg - image on slide 4 www.whozoo.org/students/deechh/DH_whitecubs.jpg- image on slide 5 freetravel.cc/.../Water_Buffalo-Kenya/4.jpg www.unitedwildlife.com/images/s_wild-pigs-oss-image on slide 6 www.geocities.com/mrshmelman/rangesiberian.jpg