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  • 1. Taylor ParksPeriod:1January 24 2012

2. Scientific Name of Animal.Range and Habitat Map.Diet. Physical Description Size, Weight, Length Breeding InfoSpecial Behaviors or Unique Anatomical features.Weird Info. VideoConclusion 3. Panthera tigris 4. White Tigers are actually albino tigers and arevery rarely found in the wild as their colormakes them very obvious to both their preyand other predators. 5. Cows Oxen Bear Deer Small animals Guar 6. Size: 2.4m - 3.3m (6.8ft - 11ft) Weight:140kg - 300kg (309lbs - 660lbs) Height:8-feet-11-inches to 10-feet-2-inches long. Lifespan:10 - 20 years What It looks like: White fur with bright, blue eyes 7. 3-4 cubs are born in a typical litter Tigers dont build nest They are born with resexual reproduction 8. A tigers aggression is based on how many tigers are in the area. White tigers have white fur because they have a special gene. They mark their territory by clawing on trees 9. A tiger can eat 60 pounds of meat in a singlenight! 10. video 11. Thank you for watching my video. I hope youenjoyed :)