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7 Tips for Making Social Giveaways Win-Win for Brands and Fans

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People love free stuff and brands love free advertising. With the right strategy and plan in place, online contests and giveaways can be a win-win for brands and online communities. This deck outlines seven tips for social giveaways as identified by the NXNEi 2012 'Making Social Giveaways Win-Win for Brands and Fans' panelists and moderator.

Text of 7 Tips for Making Social Giveaways Win-Win for Brands and Fans

  • 1. 7 Tips for Making Social Giveaways Win-Winfor Brands and their Fans

2. A giveaway canincrease web traffic, likes and followers.put a product or service in the hands ofsomeone who wants it.get people talking about a product or serviceonline and off.align your brand with an influencer in thecommunity. 3. 1. Have a clear goal in mind andmake sure a giveaway supports it. 4. 2. Know your audience;where to find them,what they talk about onlineand who influences them. 5. 3. Know your platform; get to knowits policies and restrictions. 6. 4. Contest rules and regulationsare necessary, make them clearand easy to understand. 7. 5. Timing is important: launch yourcontest when your audience isonline. 8. 6. Make it easy for users toparticipate and for influencers tospread the word. 9. 7. Metrics are important; alwaystrack and report. 10. Things to Remember:GOALEasePlatformInfluenceMetricsTimingRules & Regulations 11. QUESTIONS? Send us a tweet!Shannon Hunter Matt Juniper Lindsay Munro Casie [email protected]@mattjuniper @lindsaymunro @casiestewart

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