BIG DATA -- The Next Big Thing!

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BIG DATAData Analysis- In data we trust

About Big Data

Without big data you are blind, deaf and in the middle of a freeway - Geoffrey Moore

ContentsWhat is Big Data?Characteristics of Big Data: 3VsWhy Big Data?Benefits of Big DataSectors of Big Data

ContentsReal time applications of Big DataGoals of Big DataBig Data: Impact on IT sectorFuture of Big DataExtentia and Big Data

What is Big Data?

Extremely large data sets being managed and maintainedAnalyses trends relating to human behavior and interactionsDescribes large volume of data structured and unstructured

Characteristics of Big Data: 3Vs

Why Big Data?Offers leaders a way to extract new insight and ideas Helps organizations harness their data Use it to identify new opportunitiesEssential because:Increasing storageIncreasing of processing powerAvailability of data (Different type)

Benefits of Big Data

Sectors of Big Data

Manufacturing Traffic Control Telecom Homeland Security

Search Quality Finance Log Analysis Multi-Channel Sales

Real Time Applications of Big DataAmazon generates more revenue using real time collaborative fillingShazam has helped record labels find out about various music culturesThe city of Oslo has helped reduce street lightening energy consumptionMemphis police department uses predictive software to help reduce crime

Goals of Big Data

Targeting customers and their needs

Helps understand and optimizing business processes

Boost personal quantification and performance optimization

Improve healthcare and public health

Big Data: Impact on IT SectorIT organizations recognize this as a force presenting opportunities with challenges

In 2014, 4.4 million IT jobs were recognized globally

It is believed that by the end of 2015 its Indian business will reach 1 billion USD

Future of Big Data By 2020,The industry will be worth more than 100 billion USD It continues to grow at roughly 10% a yearCombination of data sets will improve health care industry.Data volume is estimated to grow at 40% per year

Extentia and Big DataExtenia is developing a trend analysis about internet access data:What days the bandwidth load is thereWhat time and location