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Social Media in Emergency Management, presentation at Sydney "Bridging the Gap" Crisis Camp


<ul><li> 1. Bridging the Gap ThinkTank<br />Welcome!<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Welcome and Introductions<br />Organisation<br />Tolmie MacRae<br />Rebecca Paget<br />Maurits van der Vlugt<br />And of course: You!<br />Thank You!<br /> Google Australia for the Catering<br /> 3. Program for the day<br />9 11 AM: Morning presentations<br />11:30 AM:<br />Ushahidi 101<br />Dev/Hacker &amp; Business Streams<br />1 PM Lunch<br />2 PM: <br />Open StreetMap info session<br />Streams Continue<br />4:30 PM: Reconvene, present outcomes<br />6PM: End<br /> 4. Morning Program<br /> 5. 6. Trust, Transparency &amp; Timeliness<br />Using social media to empower communities in the face of disaster<br />Maurits van der Vlugt<br /> 7. <br />There is a need for change [] <br />Empower communities with Timely, Relevant and Tailored information<br />Craig Lapsley, VIC FSC<br /><br /> 8. Photo:<br /> 9. 10. 11. Bridging the Ecosystems<br /> 12. A2C Sample<br /> 13. Twitter Earthquake Detector (TED)<br />Filter Tweets for Earthquakes (place, time, keyword)<br /></p>