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Cisco IT Service Transformation

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  • 1. Cisco IT Service TransformationYvic Le ScouezecIT Sr. Manager 2014 Cisco and/or its 04.12.2014 affiliates. All rights reserved.

2. Cisco IT network - Technology and PeopleMore Than 150,000 PeopleWorldwide in the Extended CiscoFamily 312 locations in over 90 countries 400 buildings 68,000 employees 30,000 contractors 20,000 channel partners 10,000 Routers in the Enterprise 25,000 Routers @ Home 200+ Extranet Partners 5 Production data centers 1000+ labs worldwide (500+ in San Jose) 334,000 sq. ft of DC space 35.6 MW of UPS Power 80% servers virtualized in newDCs, 73% overall2 3. Cisco IT Business Challenges3 Cisco is a rapidly growing company with multiple business models Many new Cisco technologies are being deployed into the production network Difficult to balance daily operations with design and deployment of newtechnologies Many corporate strategic initiatives affect IT Budget and head count limitations 4. IT as a Service Organization: Investment BalanceGrow New OfferingsCisco IT CurrentInvestment %25%StrategicGrowth25%Scale Bring it to MarketBusinessExperienceOptimize Large Optimizations50%Run Keep the lights onService OrganizationGartner Analysis - There's Gold at the End of the ITIL Rainbow (Author Ed Holub)Industry StandardInvestment %16%StrategicGrowth20%BusinessExperience64%Operational FunctionalityOperational FunctionalityTransformation 5. IT As A ServiceAccountability CheckpointsServicesReviewOrganizationalHealthArchitecturalReviewsStrategicInvestmentPlanning 6. Operating Our Business Services ArchitectureServicesTaxonomyOwner:WorthingtonServices P&L (Cost& Value)Owner: WorthingtonServices RolesOwner: MartinoFY10 / FY11Roadshow DeckOwner: JordanServices FundingOwner: CoryOrganizingprincipleResponsibilitiesandaccountabilityCostBill of IT todeliver acapabilityValueClient view ofcapabilityServicesTaxonomyServices P&L(Cost andValue)ServicesRolesBusinessPartnershipServicesFundingChange ManagementBusinessPartnership/AggregateValue of ITServicesDefine / Measure Success for Each of UsBudgetServicesReviewArchitectural ReviewsOrganizationalHealthStrategicInvestmentPlanning 7. We Face the Same ChallengesProductivity Globalization Consumerization 8. Work Styles Have EvolvedWork anytime, from anywhere, with any device 9. Cisco Work Culture41%52%50%89%47%6%of our employees work outside the in a different location than their managercollaborate with people in different time zonestelecommute at least once a weekclassified mobile workerswork in a fully remote mannerSource: Cisco Work Profile Survey, 2012 10. How Does IT Deliver a Virtual ExperienceFROM TOVirtualized Storage CloudsAccessible Anywhere, AnytimeEXPERIENCE:Little/No Differentiation inCapabilities, Entitlements andUser ExperienceCONTENT:Access to Content FromSingle Device and LocalStorageCost-Effective Differentiation ofService Offerings Based onRole and Global LocationDEVICES:Limited Device Selection/Underutilization of FleetNETWORK:Connectivity PrimarilyThrough VPN,Per DeviceSUPPORT:Non-Segmented SupportPrimarily Provided ThroughCall-centerSupport for BYOD, VDI andAdditional User DevicesOptimized Secure NetworkConnectivity for Voice, Video,DataPersonalized CollaborativeSupport Model as New FrontLine for Solutions 11. Mobility as an ExperienceOnboarding Posture RemoteReAccessNetworkAccessWirelessCarrier AccountsInternal andExternal AppsRecommendationsAccounts andServicesContextualBundlesCuratedSelectionBring Your OwnDeviceTrusted DevicePolicyMobile DeviceManagementMobile ApplicationManagementMobile InformationManagementIdentity ServicesEngine and Partner MDMCisco eStoreBox Cloud 12. Ciscos Any Device Landscape (Aug 31, 2014)-1.7%Growth 1.2% Growth -11.3%-0.1%GrowthGrowth0.3% Growth6% Growth14,726 35,908 17,273 632 Other5369,544PersonallyOwnedMobileDevices(BYOD)952Growths based on a 3 month period 13. Any Device Roadmap2009Mobile BYODMandateMobile Mailand Wi-Fi oniPhone,BlackBerry,Android, etc.MacBook Pro2010-2011Tablet SupportAnyConnect onTrusted Devices2012-2013Cisco eStoreLaunchedMacBook AirMobile AppsISE 1.1 Rollout2014+BYOD fornon-CiscolaptopsExpandedMobile AppPortfolioCloudServicesISE 1.22003-2008 and 1.3Corporate-Paid DevicesGood MobileWindows XP 14. Mobile BYOD LandscapeSmartphones andTablets at Cisco8%49%17%24%Platform May2010May2011May2012May2013May2014iPhone 3,471 16,313 23,258 32,780 36,015iPad 99 4,829 10,779 15,987 15,477Black-14,607 14,391 9,724 5,401 627BerryAndroid 45 3,289 6,592 11,222 16,669Others 7,334 2,308 1,010 834 973Total 25,556 41,130 51,363 66,224 69,761Mobile devices inside Cisco grew 61% in two years*Includes devices with corporate plans, personal plans, and wi-fi only 15. Self Support Evolution 16. Desktop Refresh Process (with Mac Option)1. Refresh Invite3. Client registers forRefresh & Approval2. Client goes to WebsiteC&AManager Approval4. Order 5. Hardware shipment 6. Setup and configuration 17. eStore One-Stop IT Shop17Cisco eStore 18. Ciscos Device Landscape (Aug 31, 2014)DX650 DX80 DX70857(-20%)1,255CiscoDevices291(169%)107 (-51%) 19. The importance of a strategy?A new norm and were only half way therePace of change isaccelerating. Focus on limits& not now* 5 people are born /sec* 55 mobile devices sold /sec* Early adopters are CxOs* Generation Y at the heart* IT as a serviceIts not about technology. Itsabout businesstransformation & secureduser experience 20. THANK YOU04.12.2014 2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.