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Going to SXSW? Here's how to connect with Deloitte - from 3D printing to workplace redesign to digital creative job fair to analytics, and rebels and more! Join us! #SXSW, #DeloitteSXSW


<p>Deloitte @ SXSW event description</p> <p>Designing TomorrowTable of ContentsWhy were @ SXXWWhat were doing @ SXSWHow were designing tomorrow @ SXSWWhats happening when @ SXSWWhere to find us @ SXSW Things to keep in mind @ SXSW</p> <p>DELOITTE @ SXSWWhy were @ SXSWAt Deloitte, weve always been focused on staying ahead of the market in order to advise our clients not only on what they are encountering now but whats ahead of them. However, rapidly changing technologies, unpredictable market volatility and a tectonic regulatory landscape has made that more difficult every year. As it turns out, this movement has been fortuitous for Deloitte, providing us an opportunity to up our game and to help our clients do the same. At Deloitte, we are committed to being industry shapers and catalysts for the redefinition of whats possible. We are forward-looking thought leaders who anticipate future trends and are devoted to fostering a culture of innovation within our walls. The heart of this commitment lies in our exploration of emerging opportunities on the edge of business and the digital landscapes. We continue to invest heavily in making this commitment a reality. </p> <p>Staying ahead of the marketIn 2013In 2013, Deloitte acquired Banyan Branch to enhance the capabilities of Deloitte Digital in audience-powered, digital marketing solutions, including social analytics and insights, community management and digital creativeIn 2014In 2014, Deloitte is building on the successful Deloitte Analytics HIVETM program by standing up a suite of Deloitte Greenhouse locations at five sites across the U.S. the first Deloitte Greenhouse opened in Chicago in February 2014Year-after-yearDeloitte continues to launch new service offerings and products that help our clients to leap ahead of their competitors with innovative solutions DC Innovations wearables service offering is launching this spring along with Deloitte Consulting Bridge</p> <p>In SXSW Interactive we found a collaborator that believes in innovation as much as we do. We are honored to be selected as the Official Digital Consulting Services Sponsor of the SXSW Interactive Festival 2014. Were excited to showcase our commitment to innovation and to learn from a community of evolutionary-minded thinkers we hope youll join us.DELOITTE @ SXSW</p> <p>SXSW Interactive Panels Featuring Deloitte: Deloitte panelists from both public and private sectors will participate in 6 sessions at SXSW and discuss topics that are both transforming our concept of management in the modern era and helping leading enterprises tackle some of the toughest problems. Topics include the high-performance workplace environment, behavioral change for social impact, autonomous technologies, augmented reality for governments and driving change in the workplace.Deloitte SXSW Party at The Hangar Lounge: In the spirit of SXSW Interactive, on Saturday, March 8 Deloitte will celebrate innovation at the Deloitte SXSW Party at the Hangar Lounge in Downtown Austin! Performances including performances by Sir Sly and Betty Who, topped off with an acoustic set by Grammy-award-winning artist Melissa Etheridge. Space is limited and RSVPs can only be made through the Deloitte SXSW Team and Eventbrite, pending availability. </p> <p>Deloitte at the Digital Creative Job Market: At Deloitte, careers in business, creative, and technology intersect. From creative studio positions to consulting road warriors, we will be looking for talent of all disciplines to bring high-profile, high-impact projects to life. You might be surprised what you can do at Deloitte.What were doing @ SXSWAt SXSW, Deloitte will welcome people to our ecosphere of innovation and excellence where we will use interactive technologies and a playful spirit to demonstrate the many ways in which we reimagine the status quo, from business to technology to everyday life. By leading with experiences that redefine our guests expectations, we will reveal a new, and perhaps unexpected, side of Deloitte a brand that defines itself by redefining what is possible.Deloittes Round-Up App: Deloittes Round-up app will help users cut through the noise by making sense of the SXSW social stream to find the hottest events that matter to them most. Using our social analytics engine and SXSW know-how, Round-Up will curate a customized event feed to guide users to the most buzzed about SXSW hot spots. The app also has direct access to our social analytics blog, the inside scoop on everything Deloitte @SXSW and a gamification sweepstakes with daily prizes.</p> <p>Deloitte Interactive Lounge - The Realm of Possibility: The Deloitte Interactive Lounge, stationed in the public area of the Austin Convention Center,will provide the opportunity for attendees to see what were up to and see first-hand disruptive technologies and innovative solutions in action. Youll have a chance to demo our suite of intuitive visualization tools for enterprise decision-makers, be the first to see a number of product launches for both the enterprise and start-up markets, sample 3D technologies and meet some of our Deloitte thinkers and innovators.</p> <p>Deloitte in 3D: Throughout the week, Deloitte will host an outside street activation at the corner of 3rd Street and Trinity in conjunction with an Austin Food Truck. Stop by to experience 3D demos, get a personalized 3D scan and enjoy some 3D-printed candy. Now thats an Austin Food Truck, SXSW style!</p> <p>How were designing tomorrow @ SXSWDesigning the cloudRapid changes in technologies, an increasing need for cross-functional integration, and a flurry of available point solutions has left many enterprises searching to bring it all together. In CloudMix, Deloitte takes a big step to solving this challenge by offering a pre-configured, pre-integrated solution that connects market-leading cloud applications to give organizations a single, coordinated cloud ecosystem. The CloudMix solution is built around leading practices to help companies transform their cloud operations into a seamless, customized experience. </p> <p>Designing the consumer digital experienceConsumers today have a never-ending set of options in products, channels, retailers and experiences. Deloitte Digitals Experience Platform is an on-premise, private-cloud or hosted managed services digital solution that helps brands delight consumers across virtually all touch points on-line, in-store and on-the-go. Designed to enhance marketing speed and agility, the platform provides an integrated set of experience management, commerce, social marketing, personalization, campaign management and analytics capabilities. More than just a technology platform, The Deloitte Digital Experience Platform can create a complete and consistent experience, not only for how the consumer interacts with enterprise, but also for how enterprise maintains and monitors that interaction.Designing the art of innovationFor most businesses, being effective in innovation often feels like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. Today, Doblins methodology and Ten Types of Innovation framework helps make innovating a repeatable and manageable process, and improves the value of ideas generated by focusing on the specific things to get right. Bundled in an easy to use app, the Ten Types of Innovation provides a generative toolset and a newsfeed of topical innovations, which allows users to be more structured, informed and impactful when considering and developing new business concepts. </p> <p>Designing enterprise partnershipStartups spark the engine of innovation, but face challenges in todays market where funding is tight and the competition to find strategic partners is fiercer than ever. Withonlinematchmakingable to pair people to their single soul mate or crowdsourcing connecting entrepreneurs to thousands of investors,why cant the same be done forbusinesspartnerships?Leveraging significant relationships and understanding of enterprise needs, Deloitte has developed Deloitte Consulting Bridge, an algorithm-driven online platform that matches up startup and enterprise partners, aligning business objectives and startup capabilities, and simplifying the early connections process so that large companies can engage the startup community, individually or as a crowd to tackle emerging problems.</p> <p>Continues on the following pageDELOITTE @ SXSWHow were designing tomorrow @ SXSWDesigning decision making with big dataSometimes, all you needed to see the solution to a pressing business problem is a creative environmentand a little imagination. While analytics isnt new, Deloitte Analytics HIVETM (Highly Immersive Visual Environment) is taking the science, technology, and application of business analytics to a whole new level. Many business leaders are now facing the dilemma of how best to quickly get up to speed on what analytics can actually deliver in practice. In the HIVETMs physical environment, visitors can examine the latest analytics technologies and approaches themselves, using their own data, in stunningly visual ways. In a very short amount of time, you can learn what might otherwise have taken months of meetings, demonstrations and business pitches.</p> <p>Designing how businesses see the worldWhile typically thought of as consumer products, wearable technologies have the opportunity to transform and better day-to-day operations for the average worker as well. This has led Deloitte to consider the inevitable impact of new wearable technologies on enterprise. As a part of Deloitte Consulting LLPs Innovations wearables offering, we are developing industry-specific solutions for the enterprise market that are powered by our multi-device platform partners technologies. From improving supply chain by showing real-time inventory for warehouse workers to providing real-time visual support to field service workers to overlaying important medical data with a patients anatomy during a doctors examination, we see value-driven use cases for this technology across industries and functions.Designing the realm of production3D printing has the potential to radically transform the relationship between design, mass customization, and manufacturing across multiple industries. Deloitte is helping guide business leaders through the full spectrum of solutions and capabilities required to harness the value and potential of this disruptive technology and integrate it into their business models for sustainable competitive advantage. With a range of potential uses as simple as printing designer clothes to the complexity of printing transplant organs Deloitte is at the forefront of developing applications for 3D printing.DELOITTE @ SXSWWhats happening when @ SXSWThursday, March 6 All DayDeloitte Analytics HIVE Station, Innovator Connects, 3D Printing and Scanning 10am 6pmBooth: SXSW Digital Creative Job Market12 2pmDemo: Deloittes Wearables Service Offering4 6pmCloudMix-er Happy Hour</p> <p>Friday, March 7All DayDeloitte Analytics HIVE Station, Innovator Connects, 3D Printing and Scanning 10am 6pmBooth: SXSW Digital Creative Job Market10am 7pmDeloitte in 3D10am 12pmDemo: Deloitte Analytics HIVE Customer Analytics12pm 2am Demo: Deloittes Wearables Service Offering12:30 1:30pmPanel: Workplace Redesign The Big Shift from Efficiency3:30 4:30pmPanel: Work &amp; Flexibility - Why Women Must Lead the Way2 4pmMeet and Greet with John Hagel, Deloitte Consulting LLP4 6pmCloudMix-er Happy Hour</p> <p>Weekly rundownSaturday, March 8All Day Deloitte Analytics HIVE Station, Innovator Connects, 3D Printing and Scanning 10am 7pmDeloitte in 3D10am 12pmDemo: Doblin Ten Types of Innovation12 2pm Demo: Deloittes Wearables Service Offering2 4pmDemo: CloudMix3:30 4:30pmPanel: Hacking 4 Good - Unlock the Mind and Change Behavior5 6pmPanel: Unmanned Government The Autonomous Future8pm 12amDeloitte SXSW Party at The Hangar Lounge</p> <p>Sunday, March 9All DayDeloitte Analytics HIVE Station, Innovator Connects, 3D Printing and Scanning 10am 7pmDeloitte in 3D10am 12pmDemo: Deloitte Digital Experience Platform11am 12pmPanel: The New Augmented Order 12 2pmDemo: Deloittes Wearables Service Offering2 4pmMeet and Greet with John Hagel4 6pmHappy Hour: Deloitte Digital featuring DDEP</p> <p>DELOITTE @ SXSW</p> <p>Note: All demos, happy hours and meet &amp; greets can be found on by searching keywords Deloitte @ SXSWWhats happening when @ SXSWMonday, March 10All DayDeloitte Analytics HIVE Station, Innovator Connects, 3D Printing and Scanning 10am 7pm Deloitte in 3D10am 12pmDemo: Deloitte Analytics HIVE Customer Analytics12 2pmDemo: Deloittes Wearables Service Offering2 4pm Meet and Greet with GovLab4 6pm Happy Hour: Deloitte Consulting Bridge</p> <p>Tuesday, March 11All DayDeloitte Analytics HIVE Station, Innovator Connects, 3D Printing and Scanning 10am 7pm Deloitte in 3D10am 12pmDemo: CloudMix12 2pmDemo: Deloittes Wearables Service Offering12:30 1:30pmPanel: Rebels at Work - How to Make Change Real after SXSW2 4pmMeet and Greet with Deloitte Digital</p> <p>DELOITTE @ SXSW</p> <p>Weekly rundown</p> <p>Note: All demos, happy hours and meet &amp; greets can be found on by searching keywords Deloitte @ SXSW3D Printing and ScanningEveryday @ 9am-6pmStop by the Deloitte Interactive lounge to check out our 3D printing and scanning area. Showcasing the Sense 3D scanner and Cube 3D printers, this space will demo the latest printing/scanning capabilities and feature the opportunity to win a 3D Systems Cube printer, Sense scanner or 3DMe via the Deloitte Round-Up app.</p> <p>Deloitte Analytics HIVE StationEveryday 9am-6pmVisit the Deloitte Interactive Lounge to experience ways Deloitte Analytics HIVETM is making it easier than ever to draw insights from big data. Experience thisintuitive data visualization tool set first hand with Deloitte Mobile HIVETM Stations onsite and available for visitors to demo first hand.</p> <p>Booth:SXSW Digital Creative Job MarketThursday, March 6 @ 10am-6pm &amp; Friday, March 7 @ 10am-7pmWho says work cant be fun? At Deloitte, careers in business, creative, and technology intersect. From creative studio positions to consulting road warriors, were looking for talent of all disciplines to bring high-profile, high-impact projects to life. You might be surprised what you can do at Deloitte. Come find out what we have available.Deloitte in 3D Friday, March 7 Tuesday, March 11 @ 10am-7pmJoin Deloitte outside for a truck full of 3D printing and scanning technologies. Watch demos, get your own 3D scan, and enjoy some 3D-printed candy on the that's an Austin Food Truck, SXSW style!</p> <p>Innovator Connects Everyday @ 9am-6pmCome network with some of Deloittes top leadership in our Interactive Lounge. Deloitte thought leaders will be available throughout each day to discuss Deloittes cutting edge capabilities and key issues facing todays enterprise market. Hear firsthand how these innovators are pushing Deloitte to not just be an industry lea...</p>