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Electric cars

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2. What is an ElectricCar? 3. ELECTRIC CARS What is an electric car?Propelled by electricmotors Uses electrical energy stored in batteries 4. ELECTRIC CARS How does it work?Has three main parts;Electric MotorControllerBattery 5. ELECTRIC CARS How does it work?When the pedal is pushed;1. The controller gathers energy from the battery,2. Controller delivers the appropriate amount of electrical energy to the motor.3. Electric energy transforms to mechanical energy.4. Wheels turn, vehicle moves. 6. ELECTRIC CARSEconomical AdvantagesYou can drive up to 70 KM according to the The United StatesDepartment of Energy for a dollars worth electricity. Even for a low fuel consumption car* in Turkey you can drive about 7 KM max for a dollars worth gasoline. * Hyundai Getz 1.4 7. ELECTRIC CARS Economical AdvantagesRechargeable batteries have a long useful life.Low operating costs Reduced cost of wear and tear during routinemaintenance. 8. ELECTRIC CARS Economical AdvantagesIn a documentary by Nissan,it was estimated that the 5-year operating cost fora standard battery-powered vehicle to be around$1,800, while the 5-year operating cost of a gasolinecar is $6,000. 9. ELECTRICCARS Environmental Benefits Less Carbon Emission No Air PollutionNo Fire HazardsLess Noise Pollution Recycleable Batteries No Disposal Problem 10. ELECTRIC CARS Environmental BenefitsAccording to the Electric Vehicle Association of Canada, orEVAC, even EVs recharged from coal-powered electricgenerators cut carbon emission roughly in half. 11. ELECTRIC CARS Availability AdvantageElectricity is notscarce unlikegasolineExternal tools tomake it possible toeven charge athome 12. ELECTRICCARS Disadvantages High Recharge Time Limited ServiceFacilities Cost Of Vehicles Few ModelsSpeed 13. "If this is the future, Im notthat worried." Jay Leno(after driving an electric car)