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  • 1. Employability for Connected TVRichard N GriffithsProgramme Leader: Postgraduate Programme in Interactive Technology University of Brighton

2. Question Im trying to answer How do you prepare people for entry andcareer success in digital media now? 3. My Agenda The effects of convergence are alwaysunderestimated There are some eternal verities 4. Plan for this Talk Have we been here before? The Gartner Hype Curve and living with it Whats so special about TV? What was TV? What is TV? What will become of TV? (Im guessing ) The eternal verities on the curriculum 5. Have we been here before? The Gartner Hype Curvehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gartner_Hype_Cycle.svg 6. Living with it: Red Button iTV 2002MSc Digital TelevisionManagement & 20012003Production2012 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gartner_Hype_Cycle.svg 7. Initial Course Outline (2002) MSc DTV Management & Production Business Entrepreneurship Marketing in the Digital Age The DTV Market Environment Design Consumer Oriented Qualitative Research and Creative Idea Generation Interaction Design and Usability Evaluation Requirements Analysis and Specification Management DTV Project Management Legal Issues in Information Management Technical Current and Future DTV Technology DTV Technology Implementation 8. What was TV?http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FamilyWatchingTV1958crop.jpg 9. What was TV? An idea: viewing at a distance (physical / temporal) but film preceded it Technology Electro-mechanical / analogue electronic / digital Broadcast: terrestrial radio, cable, satellite Distribution: tape / laser disc / DVD A social phenomena: Electronic hearth Shared national experience / Water cooler event Telly celebrity An economic phenomena An industry: production / distribution / consumption Capital investment: studios, cameras, transmitters, etc. Property: brand (channel) / rights 10. What was TV? An idea: viewing at a distance Technology A social phenomena: An economic phenomenaThe most significant?Its the economy stupid. 11. What is TV?http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hyaenidae_illustration.jpg 12. What is TV?In transition from an economy ofscarcity to an economy of abundance At least as far as the technology of production,distribution and consumption are concernedAlso fragmentation of audience and competitionfrom other media (games, web, etc.) 13. What will become of TV?[This slide is intentionally blank]It will cease to have a distinct technological, social and economic identity 14. What will become of TV?But, in the present / immediate future: Attempts to hold on to unique identity of TV HDTV / 3D TV / time-shifting Attempts to co-opt the competition Bundled interactive services / on-demand Two-screen TV (betting and adult anyone?) Attempts by major rights-holders to retainaccess control ACTA / patenting / app store access 15. Current Course Outline (2010)MSc Digital Media Production Interaction Design and Evaluation Process Interface and Information Design Web Development Creative Design Lab Project Management Research MethodsPlus up to 2 of: Independent Portfolio Project Evaluation in Practice New Media Application Interactive Technologies BusinessDevelopment Context Marketing for Interactive Intellectual Property LawTechnologies Accessibility for Interactive Independent Research ProjectSystems 16. Eternal Verities Technology changes people by andlarge dont Understand how to design for people Its a technical industry Understand the technology and keep up with it Its an industry Understand the commercial realities