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A detailed description of FanChatter's Scoreboard Photo Sharing event feature and its 5 brand touchpoints across in-venue, mobile, and social media.

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  • FanChatter lets fans interact with the games and events they attend using the latest in mobile and social technology
  • Contents I. Scoreboard Photo Sharing p. 3 a. Scoreboard/PA Call to Action (brand touchpoint #1) p. 4 b. SMS Reply (brand touchpoint #2) p. 5 c. Photo Approval p. 6 d. Scoreboard Slideshow (brand touchpoint #1 repeated) p. 7 e. Online Event Gallery (brand touchpoint #3) p. 8 f. Send to a Friend (brand touchpoint #4) p. 9 g. Social Media Sharing (brand touchpoint #5) p. 10 h. Statistics p. 12 i. Fan Data p. 13 j. Scoreboard Photo Sharing vs Video Fan Cam p. 14 k. Testimonials p. 15 l. Requirements p. 16 II. Beyond Scoreboard Photo Sharing p. 17 III. Mobile/Social Message Manager p. 18 IV. The Mobile/Social Playing Field p. 19 V. Contact/Current Clients p. 20
  • FanChatter specializes in a user-generated reinvention of the traditional fan cam called Scoreboard Photo Sharing that offers no less than 5 distinct brand touchpoints
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Call to Action First, fans at an event see and hear a branded scoreboard message similar to the samples below: Fans, text your photos to [email_address] for a chance to see them on the scoreboard and online at (team).com ! Courtesy of (sponsor). Scoreboard/public address is brand touchpoint #1
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: SMS Reply Next, every fan that participates receives an instant text message reply capable of containing: brand messaging coupons or coupon codes special announcements and offers web addresses/links to branded websites opt-in instructions for a mobile alert program (see page 18) and more The SMS reply is brand touchpoint #2
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Photo Approval Then, an operator* manually approves incoming photos and exports them for inclusion in a scoreboard slideshow. * If an operator is not provided by the team or organization, FanChatter can supply an operator for an additional fee.
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Slideshow Recommended Scoreboard Slideshow Sequence*: 1. Branded Intro (:05 or less) Fans, its time to see your mobile photos, presented by (sponsor)! 2. Branded Mobile Photo Slideshow (:20 - 1:15) Slideshow of 10 - 35 mobile photos including sponsor logo 3. Branded Address Reminder (:05 - :10)** Text more photos to [email_address] 4. REPEAT*** Sponsor Logo Overlay * See sample video at ** Showing an address reminder at the end of a slideshow attracts the greatest number of photos ( triggering the most branded reply messages ) but it also indicates that more slideshows will follow. *** FanChatter recommends multiple interactive slideshows per event in place of the single-touchpoint fan cam.
    • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Event Gallery
    • Every mobile photo approved by the operator is automatically posted to a real-time branded web gallery including a unique user-generated
    • photo page for each game or event!
    • Complete with brand messaging and display ads , this gallery may be incorporated into any website or exist separately as a branded microsite.
            • The Best Buy Mobile Fan Gallery
            • McDonalds Sooner Sports - Im Lovin It! Gallery
    • Qwest Twins Pics Gallery
    • The online event gallery is brand touchpoint #3
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Send to a Friend From the online event gallery, fans can share photos with their friends using the Send to a Friend button . Friends receive an email containing a link to the shared photo as well as a hyperlinked brand message The Send to a Friend email is brand touchpoint #4
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Social Media Also from the online event gallery, fans can use photo embedding/downloading tools to share their favorite photos on web pages, blogs, and social media platforms like and Social Media Sharing is brand touchpoint #5
  • And its all completely measurable
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Statistics At left is a partial snapshot of FanChatters control panel statistics display. CASE STUDY: During their 81-game 2008 home schedule, the Minnesota Twins and sponsor Qwest collected: 15,041 total photos from 9,031 unique fans resulting in 13,336 Qwest branded reply messages (one reply sent per unique fan per game) Thats a per-game average of 185 photos received from 165 unique fans with a single-game high of 636 photos from 525 unique fans. And there were 2,912 unique visitors to the Qwest branded gallery microsite (meaning roughly 1/3 of the number of participating fans visited the site). Theres almost always more than one fan involved per picture, so fan totals should be adjusted up by a factor of 2 or 3 AND THESE ARE ALL HIGHLY ENGAGED IN-VENUE IMPRESSIONS! Visits increase when galleries are incorporated into- or linked from a team, event, or sponsor site.
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Fan Data A unique FanChatter Mobile User Profile is automatically created for every participating phone/email address consisting of area code and phone number (or email address), region by area code, mobile service provider, and a full record of mobile participation data including frequency and dates. MOBILE USER PROFILE Phone Number/Email Address: (952) 270 7922 Area Code Locator: (952) Minneapolis metro area, Bloomington, MN Mobile Service Provider: Verizon Feature Log: (952) 270-7922 Date: 01/30/09 Time: 19:32 Feature: Scoreboard Photo Sharing Action/Content: Sent Photo (approved) Date: 01/30/09 Time: 19:44 Feature: Scoreboard Photo Sharing Action/Content: Sent Photo (exported) Date: 01/30/09 Time: 20:54 Feature: Scoreboard Photo Sharing Action/Content: Sent Photo (approved) Date: 02/06/09 Time: 03:27 Feature: Scoreboard Photo Sharing Action/Content: Sent Photo (deleted) Date: 02/06/09 Time: 03:35 Feature: Scoreboard Photo Sharing Action/Content: Sent Photo (exported) Date: 02/13/09 Time: 01:50 Feature: Scoreboard Photo Sharing Action/Content: Sent Photo (approved) Summary: (952) 270-7922 Total Dates: 3 (01/30/09; 02/06/09; 02/13/09) Average Interactions per date: 2.0 Scoreboard Photo Sharing: 3 dates, 5 approved photos, 2 exported photos, 1 deleted photo FanChatter can also export data by phone number or email address to augment existing customer databases.
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing vs Video Fan Cam In review, a side-by-side comparison of brand touchpoints Scoreboard Photo Sharing wins 5-1* with higher engagement and solid metrics! * score does not reflect possible Scoreboard Photo Sharing brand touchpoints including printed team or event collectibles (branded photo prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.), concourse TVs, video billboards, and more Video Fan Cam 1. Scoreboard logo visibility/PA mention Scoreboard Photo Sharing 1. Scoreboard logo visibility/PA mention 2. Branded text message reply to all participants 3. Branded online event photo gallery 4. Send to a Friend branded email 5. Branded social media photo sharing
  • Scoreboard Photo Sharing: Testimonials
    • FanChatter enabled us to provide McDonalds with a unique sponsorship platform to reach our fans in a fun, interactive and memorable way. Now that its possible, why wouldnt you let your fans see their own pictures on the scoreboard?
    • Sterling Cryder
        • Account Executive
        • Sooner Sports Properties
    • My friend and I took a quick picture and sent it in while we were waiting for the game to start back up. Everyone in the student section was doing it. I like FanChatter better because you never know when you will be surprised by the jumbotron camera. At least this way I know what I am sending in instead of being caught on candid fan camera.
    • Melinda Hawkins
    • Senior
    • University of Oklahoma
    • FanChatter has provided us with an extremely unique feature that gives the fans the chance to enhance their experience not only at the ballpark, but when they return home. The Twins Pics segment has been wildly popular and generates thousands of photos from our fans' cell phones and PDA's, but what really brings this element full circle is the ability to post every photo on to a website so they can be part of an internet scrapbook that commemorates each Twins home game ."
    • Andy Price
    • Director of Game Prese