Informatica Cloud TechTuesdays Session 2: Accelerating Big Data Initiatives through Cloud Integration

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Big Data technologies can be a huge help in performing analytics on large data sets. Extract data to big data sources without the complexity of coding. In this session, we focus specifically on Amazon RedShift, and how to automate the process of reading and writing to your database clusters within RedShift.


<ul><li> 1. #TechTuesdays @infacloud Accelerating Big Data Initiatives with Cloud Integration Vijay Narayanan, Cloud Product Management Ashwin Viswanath, Cloud Product Marketing </li></ul> <p> 2. Todays Agenda Big Data A Strategic Imperative What Does Big Data Really Mean? Amazon RedShift &amp; Informatica Cloud Demonstration #TechTuesdays Tips for Success Q &amp; A Next #TechTuesdays Session 2 3. Big Data Initiatives Rapidly Growing 3 Source: Forbes, Gartner 4. Big Data What Does It Mean? 4 5. Focus On Use Case, Not Technology 5 Data Warehousing Predictive Analytics OLTP Machine Data Big Data 6. Informatica Cloud and Amazon Redshift: Enabling Cost-Effective Data Warehousing Provision multiple database nodes on demand Start large petabyte-scale data warehousing projects sooner Offload raw data from on-premise databases for cost effective processing 6 7. #TechTuesdays @infacloud Amazon Redshift Cloud Connector Demo Vijay Narayanan, Cloud Product Management 8. #TechTuesdays Tips for Success 1. Ensure that you download the SQL Workbench: 2. Add your current IP address to Security Groups when logged into Redshift 3. Create two connections: To write, use the Informatica Cloud RedShift connector To read, use ODBC. Make sure to download 32-bit driver: 4. Ensure that the Redshift cluster and S3 bucket are in same availability zone 8 9. Q &amp; A 10. Next Steps Contact your Account Manager to try out the Informatica Cloud Amazon Redshift connector Join the Informatica Cloud Community: ormatica_cloud Attend #TechTuesdays Session 3: Simplifying SAP Connectivity with Cloud Integration 10 </p>


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