Internet Phone - the Ultimate VoIP Phone

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Internet phone is a more flexible VoIP solution. Here your regular telephone turns into an Internet Phone (also called a Broadband Phone) when you connect it to your internet connection through an additional piece of hardware called ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter).


  • 1. Internet Phone: the Ultimate VoIP PhoneSolutionInternet PhoneInternet phone is a more flexible VoIP solution. Here your regular telephone turns into anInternet Phone (also called a Broadband Phone) when you connect it to your internetconnection through an additional piece of hardware called ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter).ATA converts the voice (analog) signals of your phone into digital signals which then are carriedover the internet. In most cases you get this device free when you sign up with a VoIP serviceprovider which may use other name to describe it but essentially its function is the same: toconvert your voice into digital signals.With an analog adaptor in place, you dial a number on your regular phone in the usual way.What happens is that now your voice is carried over the internet instead of the traditionaltelephone network.When you talk with somebody on an Internet Phone usually he cannot tell the difference that youare calling from a VoIP phone because the voice quality has improved with the advance in theVoIP technology. Another factor that contributes to the improvement of voice quality is that youare using your handset instead of a headset or speakers and a microphoneIP Phone or Internet PhoneThis is an improvement over using your regularphone to make a VoIP call. IP Phone is anexclusively VoIP phone which looks like anordinary telephone but has all the software andhardware components needed to make a VoIP callalready built into it. Just connect this internetphone with your internet connection and you areready to make VoIP calls.IP Phones work on different protocols such asMGCP, H.323 and SIP (Session InitiationProtocol). Of these the SIP Phones are becomingthe standard.VoIP Phone Your Phone On The MoveAs these broadband phones connect directly to the internet connection, you do not need to keepthe computer on while making or receiving phone calls.

2. Another advantage with these phones is that you can access the VoIP phone system from anyinternet access. Take your regular phone and an adapter or an IP Phone with you while travelingand you can make VoIP calls from a broadband internet outlet in your hotel or a WiFi hot spot this is something which is not possible with your traditional phone.WiFi phones also come in this category of VoIP phones. They look like your regular cell phonesbut operate on the VoIP system through wireless when they are within a hot spot area. WiFiphones have started coming into the market and will provide ultimate convenience in using theVoIP phone system.Related Articles:Broadband Why You Need ItRelated InfoVoIP Solutions: What kind of VoIP solutions are there? Find out how they work to makeVoIP the best choice for communicationNetZero Internet Review: NetZero Internet is an Internet service provider with a varietyof packages across North America with a presence in 8,000 [...]Cisco IP Phones: Cisco has come out with an extensive range of IP Phones for smallbusiness customers and for home use. Its [...]Cisco SPA 504G 4-Line IP Phone: Why to go for Cisco SPA 504G 4-Line IP Phone: findout why it is one of the best IP [...] Business VoIP Solution: Have a business? Then using a business VoIP solution can saveyou a lot of money and enhance your productivity [...]Broadband Why You Need It: Broadband Powers VoIP Phones You need broadband orhigh speed internet service if you want to use VoIP at its [...] Residential VoIP Solution: What is residential VoIP solution? Residential VoIP solutionis the VoIP system you use in your household to make and [...]Softphone: Pc-to-Phone VoIP: With Pc-to-Phone VoIP or softphone solution, you canuse your computer to call any local or international landline or mobile [...]