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  • 1. Evaluation for IWRM Implementation in LAO PDR
    By Oudomsack Philavong
  • 2. Outline of presentation
    National Overview
    National Water Resources Policy
    National Water Resources Legislation Framework
    Institutional Framework
    Water Resources Status
    Country Investment in Water Resources Demand Management
    Burning Issues, Hot Spots and Critical Challenges
    The Way Forward
  • 3. 1. National Overview
    • Lao PDR located in South-East Asia, and bordered with Cambodia, Thailand, China and Viet Nam
    • 4. Rivers and mountains cover 70% of the country
    • 5. The Mekong River flows nearly 1,800 km from north to south
    • 6. Water resources per capita is around 55,000 m3 per person per year
    • 7. The Mekong tributaries within the Lao territory is 35% or equal 270,000 million m3 of the average annual flow of the whole Mekong Basin
    • 8. The monthly rivers flow by the pattern of rainfall is around 80% during the rainy season and 20% in the dry season.


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