RightScale Webinar: RightScale Zend Joint Customer Case Study - Mediaspike

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<ol><li> 1. RightScale-Zend Joint CustomerCase Study: MediaspikeMarch 7, 2012 Watch the video of this webinar </li><li> 2. 2#Your Panel Today Presenting Uri Budnik, Director, ISV Partner Program, RightScale @uribudnik Kent Mitchell, Sr. Director, Product Management, Zend @zend Mark Moline, Technical Director, Mediaspike @polloboy Q&amp;A Andrew DeMille, Account Manager, RightScale Please use the Questions window to askquestions any time! </li><li> 3. 3#Agenda Introductions Brief Review of RightScale-Zend Partnership Mediaspikes Deployment of the RightScale Zend Solution Pack Open Forum / Q&amp;A Please use the Questions window toask questions any time! </li><li> 4. 4#RightScaleReal Customers, Real Deployments, Real Benefits Managed Cloud Deployments for 4 Years More than 45,000 users; launched over 3.7MM servers Powering the largest production deployments on the cloud </li><li> 5. 5#Why Cloud Management?Automation - Choice - Control </li><li> 6. 6#ZendThe PHP company Over 10 years of experience More than 40,000 customers Broad Partnerships with key technologies </li><li> 7. 7#Why Zend PHP vs Open SourceDesign and Develop Runtime Platform ManagePRODUCTIONECOSYSTEMEclipse IDE Transparent ScalingHigh AvailabilityPHP Tooling ApplicationCentralized Fully Integrated IDEProvisioningConfigurationAuto scalingApp Performance Diagnostics / RootCloud InfrastructureManagement cause analysis Templates &amp; ConfigurationCachingJob Queuing Self-serve setupSupportSecurity Hot fixesTeam SupportApplication Fabric Complete PHP App ServerCloud Development Platform </li><li> 8. 8#PaaS Pre-configured Zend PHParchitecture to speed time tomarket Based on Zend and RightScalesbest practices Auto-scaling based on system andapplication load metrics, supportedby load balancing PHP session clustering for highavailability Redundant database with failoverand recovery </li><li> 9. 10#Who is Mediaspike? 10 years old Boston, MA 7 full time employees 2 dogs: Chester &amp; Mason </li><li> 10. 11#What do we do? Mediaspike generates leads for online and traditionalcolleges and universities Two primary sites :AchieveYourCareer.comFindYourDegree.com Custom Matching Algorithms to find best fit forstudents Targeted high-volume campaigns </li><li> 11. 12#Process Leads flow in through web sites Processed and validated in Central Processing Sent to client systems in real time </li><li> 12. 13#The Old Way One giant server being fed from our subversion repository andbacking up data to S3. </li><li> 13. 14#Problems No room for traffic bursts FRAGILE - Dont want to upgrade X because it maybreak Y. Single point of failure - could shut down ourbusiness for hours to days. Encouraged manual "hacking". Rather than run theproper build script, Ill just tweak this file on the livesite. Its OK... </li><li> 14. 15#With RightScale and Zend </li><li> 15. 16#Development Environment All devs use Zend Studio Push code to in-house Zend Server or to VM instance onlaptops for dev cycles Commit to SVN, push to Testing server at AWS Test, push to Production Array with RightScale scripts </li><li> 16. 17#Benefits No more single point of (disastrous) failure MySQL master/slave replication and EBS Snapshotbackups "just work" Better reliability because everything is scripted.No more manual build processes Flexibility to change architecture as needed Increased capacity, of course </li><li> 17. 18#Getting Started and Q&amp;A Sign up for the RightScale Free Edition:RightScale.com/free Contact RightScaleMore Info(866) 720-0208Read the Whitepaper RightScale.com/whitepaperssales@RightScale.com Webinar archives: Contact Zend RightScale.com/webinars Zend.com/webinarssales@Zend.com Contact Mediaspikemark@mediaspike.net</li></ol>