Rope Access Presentation from Abfad Limited, World Leaders in Rope Access Technology Systems

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Presentation prepared by Glass Frog for Abfad Limited for a presentation to a major international engineering company. The presentation covers the many Rope Access Projects undertaken by the company on a worldwide stage.

Text of Rope Access Presentation from Abfad Limited, World Leaders in Rope Access Technology Systems

  • 1. Specialist Rope Access ServicesA Presentation by Abfad Ltd15 November 2013

2. Company History & Profile Providing National & International Services: Rope Access Multidiscipline Trades Tank Linings for Diesel, Petrol, Bio-Fuels, Ethanol and Aviation Fuel (Single & Double Skin with Environmental / Containment Monitoring) Fast Set Solvent Free Coatings for long term Protection for Steel & Concrete (Single Application up to 2mm + using Plural Hot Feed System) Civil & Industrial Engineering Services to suit Clients Requirements Coatings for the Water Industry 3. Key Personnel Chris HaritouABFAD Projects / Health & Safety Director. Employed for over fourteen years continuously within the U.K. offshore oil and gas industry. I have been responsible for offshore planning, logistics, administration, materials, and documentation requirements for the various disciplines for the Construction and Maintenance department, which has numbered up to 1200 personnel. Largest project involved with was Third Party Installation of new subsea pipelines and safety valves, installation of new Gas Module with associated pipe work including full commissioning into existing facilities. Through a close working relationship with instrumentation, electrical, black trades, painting, scaffolding and rope access departments I have gained valuable experience in planning, material take off, scheduling and monitoring projects to their completion. Since 1996 to date been involved with establishment and general office management including controlling project and health & safety operations in coordination with Abfad co. Directors. 4. Key Personnel Alan FadaABFAD Operations Director Alan has 33 years experience in Blasting / Spraying within shipyards in the United Kingdom, Europe and Offshore North Sea Oil Fields including the Middle East United Arab Emirates. Specialized in Rope Access Blasting and Spraying Offshore Jackets, Modules and Flare Towers. Developed safety rope methodology whilst blasting and spraying from ropes and trained blast / spray personnel offshore in these techniques. Since 1996 to date been involved with Managing Projects on behalf of ABFAD Ltd consisting of high level engineering activities to application of protective coating for steel and concrete including installation of Double Skin tank liners complete with vacuum leak detection monitoring equipment. Oversees training of apprentices for rope access blasting and spraying techniques including plant maintenance and operation. 5. Innovative Project Management and Solution Development of Rope Access Projects Abfad Ltd takes a unique approach to Rope Access Services; we focus on developing rope access skills for trade personnel. Time- served welder, for example, can be taught the specific rope access skills however methodologies for actually performing hot work at height need to be fine-tuned to carry out welding work efficiently, productively and safely, the same level of expertise can be delivered to all trades by short in house training. Many rope access personnel now train on a three day blasting and spraying course through OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation) and call themselves blaster/sprayers, they do not have the necessary skills to perform this work safely or provide the quality necessary for clients. Abfad can deliver scalable trade testing to ensure that personnel mobilising do have the necessary trade skills to perform the work. We believe the correct process is to train trades persons to work at height so they can provide a quality service for clients. Unskilled persons with a rope access level 1 or 2 need to be apprenticed with skilled labour so they can attain the necessary skills to be a valuable asset to a company. ABFAD Ltd take this approach with our personnel and train necessary skills as required for projects. Falls from height are the most frequent cause of fatalities at construction sites and continue to be a major concern with the HSE it is particularly important that Health and Safety Systems are second to none. ABFAD has a remarkable history of safety during our 16 years in business. Although I have good experience in H&S offshore and onshore over the past 30 years I maintain training in Occupational Health and Safety and am currently finishing an NVQ level 5 in Occupational Health and Safety, modules I am informed are equivalent to Degree Level. 6. Scope of Trade Testing Can include but not limited to: Rope Access BlastersRope Access Paint Sprayers / Hand CoatingRope Access Substrate Mechanical Preparation to St3Rope Access Welding / Cutting / Drilling (hot work)Rope Access Cladding Repairs and Sheet ReplacementRope Access Instrumentation / Electrical Applications 7. Approved Contractors (but not limited to) Simon Storage Shell UK Total UK BP Global Alliance Network Rail Sabic Huntsman UK (Refinery / Oil & Gas) E.ON (Powergen) Newcastle University Foster Yeoman (Marine Industry) Canadian Coastguard M-Real (Pulp & Paper Industry) Sir Robert Mc Alpine AmecBritish Energy Adgas (UAE) Norwest Holst Vinci Vesta Wind Turbine Limited Local Authorities Halcrow Nuttall Nissan AlcanCITB (Construction Industry Training Board) MOD Naval Base (Portsmouth) Raytheon James Hall & Co. (Spar Brand) Center Parcs 8. Significant Rope Access Projects Undertaken by Abfad Das Island, Abu Dhabi, Middle East to change out Flare Tip and structural modifications on Flare Tower. Complete blast and coating of another Flare Tower from tip to sea level.BP Coryton Refinery inspections, mechanical and structural activities.North Tees Refinery Flare Tip change out / Vertical alignment surveys of stacks / NDT Inspections / Bund Coatings / Stack Coatings, etc.Jodrell Bank Telescope Coatings and Radio Dish Steel Plate Replacement (designed system to enable plates to be replaced on telescope surface which has been adopted on other telescopes around the World our design patented by Manchester University.Set up Company in Canada Nova Scotia and applied solvent free coating to Lighthouse internally and externally and to navigation buoys and sea chains; heating oil storage tanks ceased trading in Canada 31st March 2005.Renewable Blade Inspection which ABFAD has performed for E.ON on a large onshore Wind Farm in Scotland. We are currently looking into new technology for blade repairs as these structures are increasing in numbers within the UK and are a future revenue stream which can be built on year on year. In addition to the coating refurbishment which we are currently employed on at Yarmouth for E.ON Climate & Renewable for their 30 Offshore Wind Turbine in addition to Power Station maintenance contracts we currently hold at Connahs Quay and several CHP (Combined Heating & Power) plants around the UK. 9. Ongoing R & D Providing Innovative, Patented Solutions to Engineering Problems With its engineering experience, the Abfad team have focused on bringing innovative, cost-effective solutions to common engineering problems. While primarily designed with the offshore industry in mind, these solutions have a multitude of uses and can be applied equally effectively to land-based operations.A prime example of this is our patented permanent magnet units that have proven invaluable in areas that can only be accessed by rope but need a method of moving the rope technician closer to the substrate to be worked on and anchoring them securely to facilitate the various works to be carried out. The market for these magnets we believe is huge and we have produced our 2013 model recently which provides a superior performance. At the present time we have not put the magnets on the open market but believe this device would sell well once promoted to various industries. If interested Magnets could be only manufactured for Wood Group personnel on a World Wide basis, which would provide a productivity advantage over competitors as increases speed of work such as blasting, St3 mechanical surface preparation, welding, NDT inspections etc. 10. Certification STANDARD TEST - static pull test on 50mm segmented ground Serial no 00100 Pull off 368kg Serial no 00101 Pull off 402kg Serial no 00102 Pull off 390kg Serial no 00103 Pull off 422kg Serial no 00104 Pull off 410kg Serial no 00105 Pull off 378kg Serial no 00106 Pull off 364kg Serial no 00107 Pull off 398kg Serial no 00108 Pull off 410kg Serial no 00109 Pull off 402kg 11. Company Accreditations ABFAD Limited is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Industrial Rope Access; Specialist Coatings including Tank Linings using 100% Solvent Free Epoxy and Polyurethanes.ABFAD Ltd is also audited to work in the Oil & Gas Industry and have passed all external audits from major clients including Total UK, Shell and BP.ABFAD Ltd is a full member of IRATA, CITB, NESHEP (North East Safety, Health and Environmental Partnership), NECC (North East Chamber of Commerce), APEA (Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration, PEIMF (Petroleum Equipment Installers and Maintenance Federation and British Standards Institute.Chris Haritou is a member of the UK BSI Committee to revise the European Double Skin Tank Lining Standard EN 13160-7, meetings across Europe and in London which is still ongoing.Personnel Training All personnel are trained to IRATA standards Level 1, II, & III. Personnel are also trained for working in Confined Spaces, First Aid, Safety Passport for Construction; Explosive Environments; Network Rail now expired; Abrasive Wheels; Insulation and Cladding; Steel & Concrete preparation; blasting & spray coating; mechanical preparation to St3 and hand coating using traditional painting techniques as well as Hydracat solvent free coating; double skin lining installation; plant safe operation. 12. AccreditationISO 9001:2008OHSAS 18001:2007Full IRATA MemberBP HSSE Accreditation 13. Testimonials Numer

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