Security Everywhere in the Digital Economy

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<ol><li> 1. Ever-expanding connectivity as a result of modern networks is transforming our world. </li><li> 2. According to the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center): 4 of todays top 10 incumbents (in terms of market share) in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next 5 years. Source: Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, IMD and Cisco </li><li> 3. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is generating unprecedented opportunities for networked connections among people, processes, data, and things. 19 trillion value Source:, Cisco </li><li> 4. We are now facing a similar evolution with respect to security. Security must be everywhere embedded into the heart of the intelligent network infrastructure and spanning throughout the extended network. </li><li> 5. In a recent IoT Survey by Cisco Consulting Services that included 1,230 customers globally, when asked What are the biggest drawbacks of adopting IoT solutions in your organization? Customers answered Threats to the privacy of our workers and/or customers Threats to IT or physical security Source: Attaining IoT Value: How To Move from Connecting Things to Capturing Insights, Cisco, December 2014 </li><li> 6. Security needs to be as pervasive as the IoE itself. Security needs to be as pervasive as the IoE itself. </li><li> 7. While creating incredible opportunity this digital transformation also presents new challenges </li><li> 8. Attack vectors will increase 65% of companies said they couldnt stop a breach because it evaded existing preventative measures 33% of companies took more than 2 years to discover the breach 55% of companies couldnt identify where the breach occurred Source: 2014: Year of Mega Breaches, Ponemon, 2015 </li><li> 9. Contextual data is more valuable The more valuable data/insight becomes, the more attractive hacking becomes New security challenges will arise Implication The increasing value of data is fueling a high-growth hacker economy Attackers have increased their understanding Hackers relentlessly drive attacks home, using tools developed specifically to circumvent chosen security infrastructures </li><li> 10. CEOs Top Challenges Threat to data 42% Inability of IT to keep pace with change 38% Regulatory challenges 32% Source: Cisco Consulting Services, 2012 </li><li> 11. Lawsuits Security breaches will be increasingly costly to businesses in the following ways: Revenue Intellectual property Brand image </li><li> 12. Average cost of data breach in 2014 Average cost of data breach in 2013 $5.4 million $4.5 million Source: Ponemon Institute, 2014 </li><li> 13. Embedding security everywhere allows security to become an enabler for businesses to take full and secure advantage of opportunities presented by new digital business models and the IoE. </li><li> 14. Download the Security Whitepaper Download the Midyear Security Report See how digital transformation is fueling the next wave of the Internet </li></ol>


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