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Jan 2010 - Please note that a lot of the tips in this screencast are really out of date now! Slideshare has made it much easier to do slidecasts now. ---------------------------------------------------------- Slidecast about slidecasts for the screencasting classes at the Connecticut State Library this spring. My apologies to the Mac world for not mentioning Keynote and other Mac stuff. Someday I'll have a Mac again. TIP: leave about a few seconds of blank air at the end of your audio. Otherwise the last words on your audio get blipped out, at least mine did!

Text of Slidecast demo

  • 1.Slidecasting an alternative to screencasting

2. Screencast 3. Wink - debugmode 4. Camtasia Studio - TechSmith 5. Captivate Adobe 6. But whats a Slidecast? 7. Creating a Slidecast

  • Capture screen shots
  • Create a slide show presentation
  • Record your audio narration
  • Upload slide show to Slideshare
  • Link to the mp3 audio file
  • Synchronize them

8. Getting the screen shots 9. Which presentation tool? 10. MS PowerPoint 11. Impress - OpenOffice 12. Google Docs 13. Zoho 14. Audio 15. Audacity 16. 17. Record an episode online 18. Record 19. Record 20. Get link to mp3 file 21. Edit the link 22. 23. 24. Upload your PPT 25. Upload your PPT 26. Link to mp3 file 27. Link to mp3 file 28. Link to mp3 file 29. Synchronize 30. Slidecast is ready 31. Created by Polly Farrington Screencasting Workshop Connecticut State LibraryContinuing Education Class March 2008