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  • 1. By: Gabriel Lepage

2. Devouring Time, blunt thouthe lions pawsAnd make the earth devourher own sweet brood 3. And make the earth devour her ownsweet brood 4. Pluck the keen teeth fromthe fierce tigers jawsAnd burn the long-livedphoenix in her blood 5. And burn the long-lived phoenix inher blood 6. But I forbid thee one mostheinous crime:O! carve not with thy hours myloves fair brow,Nor draw no lines there withthine antique pen;Him in thy course untainted doallowFor beautys pattern tosucceeding men.Yet, do thy worst old Time:despite thy wrong,My love shall in my verse everlive young. 7. BibliographyClock 1 image: image: image: 2 image:[email protected]/5181143856/sizes/m/in/photostream/Tulip image: audio:[1] An Analysis of Shakespeares Sonnet 19, Shakespeare Online.[2] Jungman, Robert E. Untainted Crime in Shakespeares Sonnet 19. ANQ: A Quarterly Journal ofShort Articles, Notes, and Reviews. 16:2. pp. 19-21. 2003.Example citations:Online Source: Title of webpage, Website Name. URLJournal: Last name, First name. Article Title. Journal name. vol. #. pp. #s. Year published.