The Cloud and Higher Education

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Learn how cloud technologies like Salesforce and Google Apps are transforming higher education.


<ul><li> 1. AND HIGHER EDUCATIONTodays top cloud innovations in higher education IT of institutions want increased efficiency,and believe that cloud computing is the best way to make this happen T By the end of 2014, more than 4 out of 5 higher in education students are expected to take some or all of their classes online* Percent of colleges who have migrated or planned to migrate these applications to the cloudConferencing/ Collaboration Storage Office/ Productivity SuitesMessaging Compute Power | 'liI' = =ee= =? Berkeley viigliisgisiT'"''9V UNIVERSITY or CALIFORNIAUNIVERSITY or iagznar HARVARD uNIvERsITv or MICHIGAN L53 UNIVERSITY W5 SAN FRANCISCOg I Banner by ellucian. Banner is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform for higher education to help support departments and users on campus.Banner allows staff to manage their campus with student recruitment,degree advising,financial aid application and billing/ payment tools all from within the cloud. www. el| ucian. com/ student-information-system 'j; _a! %_. *"7- LI...Cirrus Insight is a tool that helps staff manage student and alumni relationships by connecting the cloud-based Salesforce CRM with Gmail.Using the Cirrus extension for Chrome,staff can view Salesforce contact records,check up on student leads and sync documents/ calendars between Salesforce and Google Drive,without ever having to leave their Gmail inbox. www. cirrusinsight. com__ - r-Ig nfgf" II; 9 EVE RNOTEEvernote is cloud-based note taking platform,allowing teachers to capture notes,organize lesson plans,collaborate on projects,snap photos of whiteboards,and more.Notes are accessible anywhere (both offline and online),and are synced across mobile and desktop devices.wvvw. evernote. com/ schools- III:II. " amazon" webservicesw Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a scalable cloud platform that gives institutions access to a variety of IT management tools,while allowing them to store large amounts of data on Amazons remote servers.This allows colleges to run custom proprietary software,store secure student data and even lets students deploy projects through AWS.www. aws. amazon. com/ educationPrezi is a cloud-based presentation software,allowing teachers and instructors to create presentations with images,video and text right from their internet browser - and they can even edit offline.The software allows collaboration between teachers and allows presentations to be streamed from any device. www. prezi. com/ prezi-for-educationCreated by Pulp-PR |www. pulppr. comSources:http: //www. cdwnewsroom. com/ wpcontent/ uploads/2013/02/C- DW_2013_State_of_The_Cloud_Report_021 1 13_F| NAL. pdfhttp: //www. edtechmagazine. com/ higher/ article/2013/O2/statecloud-computing-highereducation https: //www. sawisdirect. com/ blog/ cloudcomputing-and-higher-education-collision-course http: //www. faronIcs. com/ news/ blog/ whycoIlegesare-chasing-c| oud-computing/http: //iam. harvard. edu/ news/ salesforce-implementationhttp: //aws. amazon. com/ education/http: //www. fscinteractive. com/2011/08/18/collage-inthecIoudonlinetrendsin-highereducation/Icons thanks to aticon. com</li></ul>


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