Twitter 101 For Nonprofits

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Well cover Twitter for beginners using real-world case studies drawn from the nonprofit and commercial sectors Demonstrating how Twitter can be used to build community, increase engagement, fundraise and much more.


<ul><li>1.Twitter for Nonprofits<br />By Frank Barry(Blackbaud) and Jeff Patrick (Common Knowledge)<br /> Twitter Fastest growing social media platform in the world<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Twitter for Nonprofits<br />Using real-world case studies drawn from the nonprofit and<br />commercial sectors, we'll answer the following questions:<br /></p> <ul><li>What is Twitter and where did it come from?</li></ul> <p>3. How does Twitter work? 4. How big is the Twitter base? 5. How are nonprofits and commercial groups using Twitter? 6. Is Twitter really valuable? 7. Does it really work for online community building, advocacy, and fundraising? 8. What's the future of Twitter? </p>