4 Ways to Increase Your Career Velocity

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  • Ways to Increase Your Execu1on (and Career) Velocity 4

  • The formula for achieving goals is straigh;orward: apply team, 1me and budget to the specific work needed to reach the right results

  • Very successful people achieve goals faster and with fewer resources than peers. Execu-on velocity is high, which raises their career velocity.

  • Produc1vity means doing more every minute. Velocity means achieving more.

    ve loc i ty noun

    The speed of something in a given direc3on

  • When resources and capacity are focused on achieving goals, it takes less to get from point A to point B; great business and career results follow.

  • Capacity and resources are always constrained, so aligning and concentra1ng on goals are crucial. Sustained alignment is hard, but losing a day a week is a 20% capacity hit!

  • Without clear goals, transparency and goal-focused people, even awesome teams move the wrong mountain.

  • Increase your velocity to goal when you: Know your Point B Know your Point A Align your Capacity Make transparency the rule

  • 1. Know your point B Do the hard work of defining what and where success is. Define what you want to achieve, why it maVers and how you will measure success.

  • Make Point B completely clear so people make beVer decisions and contribu1ons every day. BeVer yet, they'll all work in the same direc1on and know how they add value!

  • 2. Know your point A Point B the goal shouldnt move much. But your Point A or current state change constantly. To define the ac1ons and investments necessary to move from Point A to goal, be rigorous about opera1onal transparency.

  • Set your transparency threshold by the cost of 1me if losing five days will undermine goal achievement, then its too long to wait for execu1on facts.

  • Decision velocity maVers, too. Real-1me transparency maximizes your ability to recover quickly. Tell your team that you value facts (even when theyre not happy facts) and why they are essen1al.

  • 3. Concentrate Resources on Goal Achievement Your velocity to goal is a func1on of how much fric1on and distrac1on there is on your path from point A to B.

  • Make sure your full capacity is laser focused

    on goal achievement.

  • Hold yourself and the team accountable for where 1me and effort are spent these are your most valued assets.

  • Deciding what not to work on is hard but necessary; use team mee1ngs to rule out distrac1ons and lower priority work so goals are achieved.

  • 4. Make Transparency a Constant When goals and current facts are opaque, the teams capacity goes everywhere except goal achievement.

    They dont know where theyre headed or what status is now.

  • But dont let repor1ng progress compete with making progress. Business velocity automa1on tools link goals and ac1ons and automate transparency on progress from point A to B.

  • Its not more work, its just more achievement. Goal velocity = Career Velocity.

  • Raise your business velocity. Clarify goals, align teams, and execute quickly for stellar results.

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