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Case Study: Bus Transit Solutions Client : SHIVAJI Travels Job Profile: Repositioning the Brand

Bus transit solutions

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Case Study: Repositioning of Transport Service Company

Case Study: Bus Transit Solutions Client : SHIVAJI Travels Job Profile: Repositioning the Brand

Shivaji Travels. A Public sector undertaking running bus services in Mumbai has been rendering efficient services to commuters since its inception (1961). Role model for its counterparts operating in other cities during the time of inception, Today the company needs a repositioning.

Client Brief

Innovative policy based initiatives in state public transportVarious pilot reforms to enhance operational efficiencyGrowing potential of technology applicationsWide reaching and successful strategies in branding and marketing approaches Objectives to be Achieved

City Chosen: Mumbai Mumbai has an estimated population of 13 million making it as the second most populous city in the world. Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment centre of India, generating 5% of India's GDP. An important centre of commerce, it is home to important financial institutions and the corporate headquarters of many Indian companies and numerous MNCs. Public transport in Mumbai involves the transport of millions of its citizens by train, road and water. Over 88% of the commuters in Mumbai use public transport. Mumbai has the largest organised bus transport network among major Indian cities linking literally nook and corner of the city. Every day 40 lakhs Mumbaikars take the buses run by the BEST (Bombay Electric Supply and Transport) Company.Mumbai is witnessing tremendous population growth, spatial evolution of residential and employment concentration, resulting in a significant change in how people move. As the mobility needs of the population change, it is important that the transport system responds effectively. Thus, our initiatives are focused on upgrading and modernising of Shivaji fleet of buses.


Segmentation All Mumbaikars travelling everyday in bus.TargetingMiddle Class, Upper Middle Class and some percentage of Higher Class.

Socio-Economic Strata

Our studies and trends indicate that the city bus will continue to be the backbone of urban mobility

Demographic Profile

Positioning Since 1961, Shivaji Travels has stood for commuters comfort. With changing time and aspirations of burgeoning middle-class, we propose to position Shivaji Travels as a safe and reliable travel partner. We also aim to re-establish the trust which had been lost with the passage of time. Thus, our vision is now to improve the efficiency and enhance the attractiveness of Shivaji Travels.

ValuesSafety, trust, punctuality, convenience, comfort and reliability

VisionTo be the preferred travel agency of Mumbaikars and effectively respond to the population Mission To meet the commuters demand in terms of passenger satisfaction, driving safety and total economy by offering a first class, convenient service and using our local knowledge

Road accidents, some of which were fatalLack of courtesy shown by staffOvercrowding of the bus by the crewAbandoning of the bus by the crew in the middle of the roadBus crews indulging in races with other buses on the same route. Altercations between bus crew and the student community. Defining Issues/Problems

Possible Solutions in a gist

Road accidents due to over-speeding, racing, callous attitude of the driver, violation of traffic norms, lack of trained drivers. Alternatives to promote safe driving and prevent accidents

Generating Alternatives

2. Measures that should be taken to make the journey of our commuters pleasant

3. Alternatives for preventing over crowdingIncreasing service frequencyIncreasing seating capacity in the new fleet of busesAccountability of the conductor if bus is over crowded as seen through the camera. (use of Conductor Credits) 4. Measures controlling the problem of staff abandoning the bus Smart phones with GPS System installed to track the locations of the drivers and the vehicles Setting up of call centers and provision of toll free numbers for passengers in case the bus stops anywhere5. Setting of speed limits and accountability of the driver if the speed is exceeded


Tagline: Safe and Reliable A Commuters Delight Logo


Colour codeBackground: Orange. REASON: The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness, exactly what we promise our commuters. Also, being a bright colour, it will have greater visibility on the roads, especially in the night time. Design: Blue. REASON: Blue stands for trust, honesty and loyalty. Digital name plateMust contain name and bus numberShould specify details of the route it coversFluorescent outlining throughout the bus for safety of pedestrians

IMC Plan

INTERIOR:Structural details:White interiors for a fresh appealAir conditioned busBlue curtains to add to the luxury appeal of the busSeating capacity: 50Partial partition between driver and commutersComfortable blue reclining seats arranged in pairsAutomated doorsBaggage cabins for keeping extra baggage4 seats to be reserved for senior citizens and 4 seats to be reserved for physically handicapped citizens and 2 for pregnant womenSupportive rods and handles to avoid accidents while moving in a running busEmergency exit

Additional facilities:Free powerSafety seat beltsIn-house newspapers and magazines in seat pockets and water bottle holdersAutomated announcements about route details

Bus Interior

Bus Exterior: Side View

Bus Exterior: Front View

Personal lights for commuters in the night timeEmergency red button for stopping the busHelpline number to help commuters in case of any complaintsFirst aid box and water supply

Male Staff Uniform detailsOrange shirt, blue trousers, blue blazer (AC bus, remember?) Orange cap with company logo only for the driverBlue tie Name plate to be worn by driver and the conductor including the bus number they are in charge ofBlack sport shoes for comfortable driving

Female Staff Uniform detailsOrange Kurti, blue Churidaar and blue DupattaBlack sport shoes Name plate to be worn by the conductor including the bus number she is in charge of

Price Shivaji Travels does not compete on Price, they compete on service. Additionally, the target market is not price sensitive. To a large degree price is irrelevant as long as it is reasonably proportional to the services offered. Off-board fare payment: reduce bus waiting timesBus Network Active in Mumbai. Categorized into 4 major types and routes which are Regular, Express, AS Route & running in and around boundaries of Mumbai

Sales Promotion- Special Student Discounts that can be availed on showing the conductor their Student ID Cards.Advertising- Engagement strategies include social media use like Facebook and Twitter, specialised focus group sessions, and free trial runs, which are able to create continuous focus on the project.Advertising before the launch in the local newspapers and regional channels. Tie-ups with the local tour and travel agencies Company hoardings at the main bus stops where


Hoardings over Bus Stops

Shivaji Travels Hoardings

Public Relations- INTERNAL PR:Driver of the months photograph to be printed in the in-house newspaper or magazineRegular bonus for drivers who do not have any complaint against themAssured bonus for staff during festivalsTwo Sundays off every month for staff (keep stand-by drivers and buses)8 hour shifts for driver every day. This means two shifts per day.Covering drivers insuranceOnce a year sponsored picnic for staff with their familiesFree phones to be provided to staff for calling the office, etc.

Branding, marketing and communicating are three critical components to augment public transport outreach. Information about new systems or changes to systems must be communicated precisely to the public in order to have a good chance of success

EXTERNAL PR:Pre-event:Article placement in DainikJagaran, LokSatta and Times of India (media indicated)Three Revamped buses with banners on them roaming the city to create required buzz

Event:Inauguration ceremony with the Road and development minister of MaharashtraPress conference with the CEOSource of Revenue: Advertising other line bus services in our bus by using their labels on the handles and also in our in house newspapers and newsletters.

Media Indicated & their Use

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